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Tonight is party night. But my party companion passed out, and I am awake, as some partying can make one. So I have been editing for hours. And it’s been really great!!! I have a whole fresh perspective on my project and have finally begun to come to terms with the fact that it’s just a long video. 46 minutes without closing credits. I think it is interesting. At least to the family. I mean, I aspire for it to be interesting to everybody. It raises interesting questions about race and being mixed race either as a couple or a self.
And it makes me feel in awe of my ancestors. All the stories, and the journeys. And the love. And my Grandparents really are my model for a lifelong couple. It’s rare, it seems.
I love partying so hard I end up making art.
I am uploading a rough cut of a small part of my video onto my facebook account. I’m kind of curious what people will say. I’m feeling a lot better about my video anyway. For a while it seemed all unwieldy and I didn’t know what to do with it and felt lost in a maze of footage in a story with no clear directions. But now I am seeing some structure to it. The history is so interesting, especially when it is so personal. And I have the perfect ending, and the perfect beginning, and now I just need to put in some more of my beautiful footage and record some voice over and figure out how to make the effen titles import properly. Oh yeah, and build more of a soundscape. I wish I had better sound effects, somehow “Indian Attack” and “Indian War Whoops” don’t fit in with my general concept.
46 minutes. Something makes me wonder if I have the ovaries to make people pay attention for that long. But I want to do a 20 minute comedy after this, and get someone to produce my Bunnyhug feature which is currently 120 minutes long. I’m still going to make the odd 5 minute video though.
I wonder who’s going to show such a long video. It seems intense. I have no idea who my audience is. I’m going to try and raise some cash to rent a theatre for a screening of it. Just to show some Saskatoon folks, including my family. But it will also be going to my distributors. Where the hell they will send them off to, I have no idea.
I also have to choose and scan in some photos of me doing family things with my grandparents, because I was really close to them my whole life and that’s part of the video. I have some cute ones. There, I picked them, now I just have to scan them. Ugh, I don’t feel like doing THAT right now.
Well, that’s my story about my WILD party night! I need to have some more of these. Or just stay excited about my project. My point is that I finally see an end in sight of al of this editing. I know where my project is going!! I might have it done so I can get money in the fall!! And then tackle my next huge ambition, a dirt cheap science fiction film!

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