The Kitten is Here and Xmas is OVAH!

I guess I should talk about the new kitty. She has been here for one week and two days. She is a tortoiseshell Manx kitten and about 6 or 7 months old. She’s extremely friendly and purring almost ALL the time! She’s super special, my friend Shavonne hooked me up with her, one of her friends was giving her up because of various reasons, and even Shavonne fell in love with her which is funny because she isn’t a pet person.

Poor kitty had to be alone all during Christmas and last night when I got back she was attached to me all night. She kept stealing my pillow and purring right near my face.

She was growly, hissy, and spitty to little Mister for the first week, but now she has gotten used to him and goes right up to him and sniffs him. She hasn’t figured out that he is a potential play partner yet. He’s great at playing with cats. I suspect they will figure that out soon.

She has a little stub of a tail and doesn’t know how to clean her bum properly yet.

Her name is Lynxa, and I am trying to figure out if I want to change it.
It’s time to go to bed and I’m not done writing! 🙁 I will try to write more tomorrow!

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