Welcoming 2010

Well remember I said I was going to that rave Well, I didn’t think I would be able to stay the whole while. I was sure I was going to get bored and feel old and come home. But I didn’t!! I had a wicked time with these friends of Carrie’s and we danced and drank and sat and went out into minus 30 weather for smokes until about 5:30 when we headed over to Carrie’s and just hung out talking and picking records to play in this intensely random way. It was lovely! And we got to talk NERD talk, like software and equipment and art! And we traded bad art stories and stayed up. And we stayed up until 10 and then I came back home cause they were all preparing for bed. I usually don’t sleep at all after a night like that.
It was so much fun and I made new friends!!! I’m glad the night turned out like that, it was more fun than last year. Not all of my New Year’s Eves are memorable, but this one was.
OMG! And New years right at midnight was the seventeenth anniversary of me discovering I was a lesbian. I was hugging my cousin’s girlfriend at midnight (god, she’s probably reading this right now!) and I just realized I really REALLY liked her breasts pressing against mine. And that was when the light went on and I was like, This IS SERIOUS! I’m fourteen years old and I’m a lesbian! And I knew immediately too that I had a definite preference for women. I realized no man felt right to hug, but she DID and it was amazing and also terrifying at the same time. And I didn’t know what the next step was. I kept a terrible secret for a month and twenty two days and then I sat my mother down and came out to her and immediately burst into tears because it was so SCARY! And my mom was totally cool and picked me up some lesbian books from the Ottawa Women’s Bookstore while she was doing a council jury. And she was the very first person I ever told.
My mum and I are kind of a set. when I lived in Vancouver I would call her every day, sometimes just with nothing to say but I wanted to hear her breathing. And since moving back here I have been able to spend a lot more time with her.
One really nice thing I did with my mom this New Year’s Eve was I cooked a totally new recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook. Ground Beef Wellington. It was SOOOOOOO good! It was impressive and not that hard to make. And because my apartment was clean we spent time at MY place for a change. Mum only ever comes inside to clean otherwise, and then she never wants to just goof around. But my new years project totally spruced the place up and she actually took her coat off and hung around!!
It is so nice to come home to a clean house.
My kitten is getting in the way of me writing. She likes to be as close to me as my pet dog, no, even closer because he doesn’t mind spending time on the couch while I’m at the desk.
My kitten still has no name. She is so cute, but I haven’t hit on the right name for her yet. She’s really loving and funny and sweet. She’s SO different than Schrodinger. Schrodinger was more independent.
Well, I don’t have much else to say. I could prattle on but somehow I feel like my ability to think of something of importance has abandoned me.

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