More Better New Years Eve!!

Happy New Year’s eve!!! I am going to a rave named after sex workers standing in the cold. Kinda strange that bit I know. My friend Carrie Gates is VJing at it so she scored me a ticket. I am not sure what to expect, I haven’t been to a rave in a really long time. I don’t know how late I will be able to stay out either, I kind of want to wind up chilling in my apartment for the later part of the night. I find that much safer if altered states of mind are involved, to end up back in a residential property with a small handful of friends. Or one other friend. Or my cousin who sleeps on the couch sometimes when she wants to stay past the late bus.

I won’t be seeing my cousin though, she’s doing something else. So it will be kinda weird, logically we usually just always hang out with each other. But I’m trying to branch out a bit friend-wise. Just because it’s getting lonely when it’s always my one best friend. I need some variety. I need MORE people to sleep on the couch, or in my bed. But probably the couch. It’s a good couch for sleeping on.

My mom and Laurel and I have this ongoing joke about the perfect personals ad to hook a Native man would have pictures of the television with cable box, the opened well stocked refrigerator, and the couch. It’s perfect really, all the essentials are there! The rest is just minor details.

For anyone really, that is pretty sexy when I think about it. I would answer a personals ad like that.

I wanted to take pictures of my clean apartment and post them online, but I haven’t washed the dog stain off the floor yet and I feel like it would just disturb people. And I don’t want to wash the floor right now because it’s late and I don’t want to keep the neighbor up. Plus Mum always said cleaning at night was a sign of madness. And I’m trying not to do so many mad things. Maybe just a few. Writing at night could be considered mad, but not if you knew writers.

Wait, let me back up again, does it seem creepy that I would post pics of my clean apartment online/ I didn’t think so myself. I once took pictures of a moderately messy apartment of mine and emailed them to a friend who I was commiserating with on living messy lives. But I never sent her the worst mess, I was just too ashamed. Ha ha! But I’m just so PROUD of having a clean apartment, I want to show it off. But I don’t like having that many people in my apartment at a time. It’s like a virtual tour. But the facebook version.

Horders is an intense program. I’m glad I’ve kept A&E so I could watch that and Intervention.

Anyway, Mum said that since I cleaned up she could see that I wasn’t a hoarder, I was just lazy.

Is that better/

Or as my cousin would say, More Better/

My question mark key no longer functions, so all of those forward slashes should be replaced by a question mark, because I’m the author and I say so.

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