She tried to change her name to Jackson once, but everyone liked calling her Velveeta so much it didn’t work. Boy do I miss her, I call her all the time because I never know when I will actually get to talk to her. She’s single boys and girls, so someone should really scoop her up now. Ha ha, we dated ages ago and it ended badly. BUT somehow we became friends after all that.
She hates facebook and says she will never join it. It’s kinda too bad, except then it gives me an excuse to call her because she doesn’t see all my news online. And there is always something NEW to report.
Jackson is also the name of this really old cat I remember who was scrawny and always got a claw stuck in the rug.
And Jackson is also a notorious family in show business.
I never ate Velveeta, I mean, not the cheese anyway.
She sends hilarious emails that are only three lines long, they are so minimalist.
I have her balls in an envelope waiting to be mailed. I always forget to do it when I have money and only remember when I don’t have money. It’s been three years at least of hanging onto these balls of hers.
I like all my exes, now that we’re not dating anymore. I notice there is always the one month of no sex that foretells the end. That’s always weird. Total blue clit!
I’m still hung up on one ex who rarely ever speaks to me, and then it’s only by email. Not even facebook. Email. It’s pretty sad, I miss her. But then you know I was thinking, all of my exes are pretty amazing, am I just hung up on this Particular x because she is local>>>
Things that make me hmm.
It’s important to think locally when making romantic choices.
But considering my choice babe is not interested and hasn’t seen me for three years despite living in the same city, I should really expand my horizons. I could always import a girlfriend. I’d just have to be REALLY cute! And as low maintenance as short hair!
Yay! I”M HAVING LUNCH WITH MUM! Running off after hitting post to get dressed and go out!

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