Tawdry Editing

I worked on art all day today because the buses weren’t running, and then later I heard they were but on special routes, and in the end I didn’t go to work for the second day because there is snow all over the friggin place. But I think the buses are running mostly normally tomorrow.
Unfortunately I don’t remember what time I am supposed to be at work. I shall have to inquire via email.
Anyway, I drank four cups of coffee and edited ALL DAY! I put one thing in that I kind of want to take out now, because it doesn’t fit. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s NASA footage and I think I should use it, if ever, in another project. I don’t want to use the same clip over and over again. People will think I am super in love with it, when I merely find it useful.
That’s just tawdry editing.
I finally saw the end of a documentary I was in, in an APTN series called Storytellers in Motion III. One episode is ALL about me! I laughed so much, ha ha ha, both as a viewer and as a participant. Everything I said I would giggle about. I never realized I did so much giggling. Also I said the C word, ON TELEVISION! Ho-la!
Well that was just too funny, my Mum and Auntie were watching at the same time, along with my friend Laurel and her Auntie. And quite possibly Laurel’s mom as well. But you know, it’s on television, I’m sure lots of people saw it.
And if you want to see it too, you should start watching APTN.
I’m trapped with all this snow, or I was. We got 35cm in two days, a huge fluffy white DUMP on the province, and quite possibly Winnipeg as well! Mum says it came from California. I hope it didn’t bring any H8 with it.
But I just saw what looked like the number 4 go by. I’m almost positive. Not something out of Sesame Street, no, a BUS!!
I’m liking this being productive, now if I can just work it into my rest of the week, I think I will actually be done my video!!! I’m using a lot of creative commons\public domain shit. It makes me a little nervous! I want to be able to show it on t.v. if anyone cares to, because then I would make some money!! It would be nice to earn some kind of living from my practice.
There, I just watched the whole thing through and wrote down the exact things I need to do to finish it! I am going to get someone to come and look at it and tell me what they think, hmm, who should I get> Mum will only come if it’s clean!
I did clean a bit today, it’s a bit nicer. Not nice. Nicer.