Weird day

Some woman came to my house to use my phone but took it with her and never came back. And then the cops showed up, and this cop asked me what was going on so I told him about this woman going off with my phone. And anyway, he went to where she said she lived and it doesn’t exist. So now I have to get a new phone. I unplugged it after she was gone for too long. So it’s inactive. Still, I liked that phone. It was all a little creepy.
The phone thief!
It’s kind of a boring story Mum says. Which is true, but it’s still unsettling. My phone!
The cop asked me if she looked like she could be a drug addict. Well, ANYBODY could be a drug addict, so I said yes. Could be. I didn’t ask her though. She looked like a regular person.
All that trouble just from answering the friggin doorbell!
I went over to Mum’s house and fell asleep, listening to her and my Auntie discuss visits with Luke. Right now I am alternating between tasks, I just took a break from writing to load a gig of music onto my cousin’s ipod. And then I also did facebooking and THAT was about it. And writing.
I feel like I’ve wasted my Saturday, I got thrown off by my phone theft. And then I was going to go ut but I ave no phone. So now I’m just going to watch South Park and then go to bed.

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