Sorry for the all caps. My computer does that. Not my keyboard, I’ve tried other new keyboards. It’s some kind of computer issue. And if I was younger and felt a little more manic maybe I would actually spend a couple of days getting to the bottom of it. But it’s an old computer, and I want a new one, and I just got used to it’s weird all caps issue. But when people try to work on my computer they get really frustrated. It’s like that Ruth Rendell story where the house is a killer because it keeps making a window bang open and the couple have arguements about how to close it properly until one of them nearly kills the other. And a murder had already happened in that house over the issue!!!
I’m sorry for giving away that plot by the way. I guess I should write “SPOILER” or something.
That’s a great term by the way “Spoiler.” Drat you, you’ve spoiled me pop culture!
My mum’s really bad at spoiling movies to me. She told me how “the boy in the striped pyjamas” ended. Bad mommy. I Said she could spoil it, but maybe she could have ignored me and said nothing. I was going to see it anyway.
But were you REALLY going to read that particular Ruth Rendell story>>

Or was it Agatha Christie>>>

Agatha Christie’s collected novels sold just less that the Bible.

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