Happiness is a warm Nun

Today mom blackmailed me into cleaning by saying she was going to take pictures of my apartment and post them on facebook!!! OMG! I was so shocked! I have been cleaning on and off ever since, it’s actually coming along really well. I even did most of the dishes.
I’m pretty happy these days, I guess the meds are working. I’ve had a couple rough days after I forgot to take my meds, but now I’m back on them and doing well. My cousin Jenny is sleeping over on the couch. We were goofing around in my apartment all night, she played this word game with me that was really racy because we are pervs. She’s looked in every book of mine that has pictures, mostly comics but also some naughtiness! :O
I need new naughtiness.
I’m glad I’m not one of those anti-porn feminists, because boy oh boy has porn been nice to me! I was in some directed by the lovely Dayna McLeod in Montreal. We were all horny in a women’s studies class. When I think about it my feminist art class at ECIAD (*now ECUAD) had some hot girls in it. My Mommy’s best friend taught it though and I couldn’t step out of line or she would say something about my dykeling years to embarrass me.
When I came out she gave me a dozen red roses to celebrate my being a lesbian. My mom’s friends were so cool with it! They just accepted me and that was that It was such a non-issue in my family. I was told the worst thing I could ever do was become a Catholic.
Well, I guess I may as well talk about a serious issue for a moment.
My mom is a sessional at FNUC’s Saskatoon Campus. She’s been working there ever since I was a little kid, it was called SIFC for a while. She’s been there well over 25 years. And right now, FNUC is FUCKED!!! They had their provincial funding pulled because of all kinds of mismanagement, and then the federal funding was pulled. A LOT of shit was shaken up and Guy Lonechild of FSIN did a LOT of things that were needed to fix it up. BUT even after provincial funding was reinstated, the federal funding was still not in place. Chuck Strahl refused to give it back. Even though the board got depoliticized and some people lost their jobs and all kinds of things happened that they wanted. I mean, my god, now U of R is handling the money even. But it might be that the school will still go under. And so this is what my mother is living with, and going to work is getting demoralizing because no one knows what’s happening next. People are packing their offices just in case the doors are locked on April 1st, which is when the federal money runs out. They said they would support the university until the end of the semester, but the semester doesn’t end until April 20-something!!
So we’re all waiting, feeling the angst ramping up and wondering what will happen. And Mom has already been looking for other work. I feel so bad that she put almost her entire working life into an institution and now she might have to find a completely new career!!! It could mean she would have to sell her house. It could mean she has to go back to school. It could mean all kinds of things. I just want to see my mum doing what she loves until she retires with a nice pension. What sucks is her old job never even paid into a pension plan, just the regular CPP.
Most of my family has worked at FNUC, it’s a family institution. My Uncle John teaches there sometimes, Auntie Beth taught english and creative writing there, Grandpa taught Cree there, and my Uncle Doug would go in to work with the students in the journalism courses. And Mum’s been there for SO long! It seems sad to see that place go down. And I remember when it started going down too, five years ago when Morley Watson started all kinds of shit. People were being fired willy nilly. People were LEAVING because they didn’t want to be fired for stepping out of line. My mom got more and more depressed about it.
And now she’s really stressed out but is keeping her composure. I think she is anticipating the worst. 400 people will lose their jobs if FNUC closes it’s doors. It’s grim.
I’ve been having a lot of feelings about being Native these days. Just feelings of frustration at the level of RACISM within Canada, in particular towards Native people. I just think that’s so rude, to steal someone’s land and dehumanize them and then bitch about some treaties that people IGNORE ANYWAY!!!! I recently found out Indian Affairs won’t cover Seroquel anymore. In fact, they won’t cover anything that isn’t generic. Our treaty rights cover prescription drugs, but they keep chipping them back further and further. If they didn’t pay for my medications I would be spending about 300 bucks a month just on my looney-tune meds. I’m really scared of having to pay for them, that is a lot of cash and I can’t afford it, and I NEED them! I know what I’m like without me looney tune meds. LOONEY! ANd TUNEY! Go look in spring 2007 entries if you don’t know how looney and tuney I can get!!!

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