Leave me the topic for the next blog, brain no work

I am eating jellybellies and trying to think of something intelligent to say. I’m REALLY working hard on getting to be a better blogger. I am going to try and write one thing a day. Even if it is really really short. Just to get back into my writing habits. It seems I do facebooking all the time now, instead of casting these rants off into internet land where just ANYONE can come across them.
Although facebook keeps changing it’s privacy settings and then there’s your junk waving in the wind for all to see. So who knows.

I’m setting into my basement house. I’ve been trying really hard not to set the dogs off in the middle of the night. But I’ve done it a few times, and I even set some popcorn on fire at 11 one night and the smoke alarm went off. I felt pretty silly, banging on the alarm with the end of a broom while holding a pot of melting butter.

Anyway, I’m back from Vancouver, and that was great, I got to see so many old friends! It made me remember what I liked about it. But I still missed Saskatoon and was happy to come home and see everyone I know.

I need to get back into writing dialogue again. That’s so much fun. It’s like just being able to talk to myself and not be crazy! No no, I pooh pooh on your treatment, can’t you see I am busy creating!

Actually that’s an interesting discussion, if medication restricts creativity. Some people say it does and some people say it doesn’t. Then again some people can get shakes and tremors from certain meds that other people do just fine on. I think the worst medication for my creativity was Zyprexa, crap that sucked! Risperdal and I are on okay terms though.

It’s hard to really figure out though, because if you’ve been through a hypomanic episode then you know the ultimate in creative highs, and everything kind of pales in comparison after that.

Mum got an iPad. It’s really nice, but you can’t do facebook chat on it, doesn’t seem like you can anyway.
Oh I should go to bed. Well there, I wrote SOMETHING today. Now I’m going to go away and try to plot further content. I could write a story or essay with some specific elements. Leave a comment about what I should write about!

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