Labour Day Weekend Video Challenge!

I don’t know, maybe I will inspire someone else to make a video from conception to completion between now and Monday night, the end of the long weekend. I was with an old friend from film school today and we were in a camera store and I picked up a MiniDV tape and decided to make my first High Definition Video. I’m soon going to be in possession of one of the newer FCP’s that can handle the HDV format. I suspect my mom’s computer can burn Blu-Ray discs. Either way, I need to try That format out because it’s going to be the usual thing. Even though I personally have neither a High Def TV or a Blu-Ray player. Grandma says everyone speaks a different language now. She can’t keep track of all the technology terms and doesn’t really care to either. I kind of admire that, that willingness to totally not even have an email account!
So HDV eh?

Well first of all, I have NO IDEA what to make it about. I know I would like to get some footage of the clouds and the grass and the river. I think I would like to wear some kind of outfit. A good hat at the very least. I’m not sure what the content could be though, like what issue or theme or conflict is going on. Recently I have been thinking about butch identity as a subject, but then I’m really conflicted on what to say about it. I find it more interesting to just insert butch characters without having to explain. I know some people have been slamming Saskatoon to me without ever having been here, so I want it to be kinda about why I like Saskatoon, but not in a Move to Saskatchewan promotional video thing. That would just be weird, I would want major money to do something like that.

I think I want it to be very Lesbian, with a Native nuance and some sprinklings of genderfuck and maybe sex somewhere in there. I suppose this means I should do some writing. I am envisioning a monologue, although a voice over dialogue would be a different twist on the whole thing. I kind of like giving myself all these parametres on a project and then creating something specifically to work within that. It makes me problem solve things and consider things more creatively than if I could do it all perfectly with millions of dollars.

The reason I am using voice over is because the best mic I have is a hand held mic and after a new computer, my next purchase will be a boom shotgun mic with a puppy and everything!
I am constrained by what I have, and the fact that beyond borrowing, I can get no more! I have no lights, ONE good mic, a few friends who can move around and say mouth words, the Fireworks festival is on this weekend, I have a fedora and a sailor hat and some suitjackets and a tux. I have three dogs and one cat. It’s been sunny and mostly green so far, I have a friend with land outside of Saskatoon that has natural prairie on it, all hilly and everything. I have a scanner and Photoshop and can import stills into FCP. I have access to creative commons sound effects.

I’ve been interested in telling native ghost stories and the paranormal and also some creepy slasher story has been going through my head for the past couple years. But I don’t have enough fake blood or the time to make a fake head.

So that’s where I am at with my project. As part of my project I will try to check in once a day and report on how I am doing making my first High Def short! Labour Day Weekend Video Challenge!!!!

So join me, it doesn’t even have to be a video, make a piece of art. We’ll all upload it onto the internet on Monday night, or more likely Tuesday night, and then go oooh at each other’s work.

By the way, yes I see the irony of doing work on a holiday. But I like making art, seems a good way to spend some time.

One thought on “Labour Day Weekend Video Challenge!

  1. HDV is great!
    Even if you aren’t able to release in HD still produce in it and save an HD file for in the future when others have caught up to you you’re ready.
    What model camera are you using?
    Fake blood is easy to make. Mix tempera paint and melted sugar. (Or anything similar.)
    I find it funny that someone in Saskatoon and someone so young would even consider the concept of butch. It’s such an old thing and such an urban thing in my opinion. Still you can do whatever you want if it’s a topic that interests you.
    Talk to Dave Geary about ghost stories from the prairies. Do you know him?

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