Pimps and dealers

It’s about that time again, to start thinking of intelligent things to say in my blog. I feel like listening to me figure out my life must be boring. I just want to stay relevant.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to help out Rebecca Belmore. She’s being sued for more than 750 000 dollars from her old dealer Pari Nadimi Gallery for breech of contract when she chose to leave the gallery and stop a sale. It’s pretty appalling and incredibly mean and spiteful of the Gallery.

You know what it reminds me of actually? PIMPS! When a woman wants to leave a pimp she has to pay him a certain amount of money.

I can’t imagine being in that predicament, either as a sex worker working with a pimp or an artist being represented by a Gallery that won’t let you leave without going completely bankrupt. It’s just scary, and the case would set a precedence for future dealings between artists and dealers. Plus I know Rebecca, and I highly value the internationally acclaimed work she’s been doing for years. There’s no way she has 750 000 kicking around.


I seem to recall drinking and sitting on Rebecca’s lap once while announcing to everyone in the kitchen at the Grunt that I had just taken a shot of testosterone. I remember everyone’s head whipped around, it was so funny. Like OMG!

The last time I saw Rebecca was in the spring when she was in town while her partner Osvaldo worked on something artsy.

If I had a job I’d be inclined to send some money, but I only have EI and it’s pretty skimpy. If YOU, my fine blog readers, want to donate some money to the cause, check out Rebecca Belmore Legal Fund on Facebook, they have links there to all the news and blog articles about it. I’m still plotting what I can do, I might auction off a small collection of my videos on DVD or something. I’d make a nice hand drawn cover for it too, it would be a collector’s item! I suppose I could make a few of them to auction off. Yes, that makes sense. I have worked with Rebecca on a video for her performance, she was great to work with. So clear about her vision.

On to other news. Well, I have been doing more investigating into possible careers. I’m in particular intrigued about being a copywriter. I love writing, and people say I’m a strong writer, and I like thinking up ad slogans, believe it or not. I sometimes read copy if there is nothing else handy in the bathroom, like flyers and backs of shampoo bottles. Ah yes, made with crushed pearls, that was some good shampoo.

Oh, I just got word we are heading to the track at 7, gotta start getting cute. I heard a lesbian is meeting us there. And you know how much I like lesbians.

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