Thinking about creating a job.

My EI is set to run out and I have to figure out some way of getting an income. I’m going all over the place trying to think of a job I really want to do, there are a few I am interested in. I should really think seriously about CREATING a job for myself rather than looking for one. I mean, I’m a FREAK! I have tattoos and I am part of various minority groups that have trouble finding work because of discrimination. Not only that but I am open about my disability and people feel like it’s a disability they can stigmatize and be prejudiced about. Like there’s this concept ALL bipolar people have fits of rage, and I haven’t had one of those since I was twelve. I get angry, but I’m pretty good about controlling it. It’s not an issue in the workplace, that’s for sure.

Besides all that, I am going out a lot more these days, which is nice. I went bowling the other day, which I haven’t done since 1996. I was terrible. And then just going to events and so forth. It’s been fun. I go out a lot more now than I did before. When I was mainly hanging out with one friend a lot. And then we had a fight and now I have more friends.

I almost moved to Winnipeg abruptly. But then it didn’t work out and I stayed here, in Saskatoon. I really like Winnipeg, but I am also content living here. So it was a confusing situation to be in.

I’m trying to line up some freelance gigs to get me some money to live on for the next month or two. Money, ugh! I hate that we all need it.

I applied twice at the Casino, it would be so easy not being able to gamble there because I’ve only ever gambled 15 bucks there altogether. And I’d get money TAX FREE! But anyway, so far they haven’t called back.

But I like the idea of working for myself. It appeals to my desire for independence. The only big problem is I don’t have the right equipment to actually start up an editing business. My computer is obsolete and I don’t have enough hard drive space. And my screen and speakers could be better too. I really need to do something about it. I’m looking around for some grant situation that would let me have like, three or four months of living allowance and capital cost money. That would be sweet.

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