Girls in the truck ’bout six chicks deep!

Last night my cousin was being drunk and aggressive and we had to go pick him up, and the little shit left our house in the middle of the night and went back!!!! In -25 weather! He could have passed out in a snowbank and froze to the friggin sidewalk! ARG!

SO dramatic. I never know what to do with Black Out drunks, usually I leave where they are, but this time we had to bring him to us! He wandered about looking for more booze and crying.

I finally bought my plane ticket to Kelowna for International Women’s Day where I am presenting my art. I have to get that all together. Regrettably I do NOT have my videos on DVD, my distributors do though, so I will have to ask them to borrow the DVDs and then rip and burn and then send them back. At least now I can make a DVD of EVERYTHING to use for future presentations. It’s about time! I don’t even have a copy of my first video. This all reminds me of Kilgore Trout in Breakfast of Champions where he has to go to Times Square sex shops to find the smutty books that used his writing as vehicles for pornography because he has no copies.

I’d like to write a book sometime. Something entertaining, like a fictionalized account of my life to protect my friends who would be incriminated. I wish I could use their real names. I like thinking of fake names for my friends. I have come up with so many! Sometimes I forget their real names, almost. I had an awesome fake name for Velveeta in one blog, I called her Miranda because once she wore a wig that made her look like Miranda Richardson wearing a wig in The Crying Game. Although I have to admit, Miranda is not as descriptive a name as Velveeta. But there are relatively few Velveetas in the world and I was an angry ex at the time and didn’t want it to get back to her that I said all these things.

I think I was a better blogger when I was anonymous, because I bared my soul! I don’t anymore.

But this is more my mood:

I need some girls in the truck ’bout six chicks deep!

I really need to start writing down all the things I have to get done every day! Like my damn credit score and report, and setting aside time to do all my drawings for my video. I have to draw an Oompa Loompa’s dick. I am not entirely sure how to do that. I also have to order in a whack of preview videos and do some digitizing. And finish up with this business plan.

I have finally started Skyping with far away friends! 😀 It’s exciting to see their lovely faces and hear their voices. My camera isn’t the greatest though. Oh well. I want to do more Skyping! I am getting addicted!

My mother isn’t home, and hasn’t been home all afternoon! I miss her! I want her to come back!
Doo doo do doo doo do doo doo.

This has been a ridiculous post, I didn’t mention anything of note!

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