Weird times, my friend, weird times.

Okay, maybe I am starting to believe the hype about 2012 again. Not like in an aliens attack way (although maybe?) but more in a massive global shift. There are a HELL of a lot of revolutions going on right now, and it seems to be reaching a peak. Trust me to be a CEO when the revolution comes to eat the rich! Ha ha, kidding. But really, who knows?

I have a LOT of stuff to do today, and I even wrote a whole list of things on a piece of paper last night. There are 8 things I can do TODAY! And only ONE of them involves leaving the house. But I haven’t done them yet. Instead I got stuck on facebook reading the news. I mean the real news smart ass, the links to articles. Not who is freezing cold in -35 or -45 or -55 or whatever my friends are living through around Canada.

Although I feel your pain, my weather friends! 😉

There is a lot of snow over here, I should really take some pictures because it is kind of impressive.

But I keep seeing all these negative stories about people with bipolar in the news, today I saw one calling Ghaddafi’s behaviour bipolar. And then there are all these criminals. It depresses me as a fine upstanding bipolar disordered Butch. Oh the stigma! I know there are others who aren’t the nicest, but can’t it be balanced with more discussion of our accomplishments and talents? We need a Bipolar Disorder Pride movement. Our parades would be great, because the manic people would be most flamboyant and colorful and have amazing chants, and the depressed people could watch from home on television because they don’t have the energy to go out!

I ate dill pickle dip today and then started craving pickles only to find there are NONE in the house!!!!! No pickles! :'( I love a good pickle. Especially Vlassic Garlic Baby Dills.

I have to add one more thing to my list. Write a Muthafuckin GRANT! AND a 30 minute script! Before April 1st! Oh mans! That means I have to write a DETAILED budget, and this would be the first time I have done such a thing. I have gotten grants so far that had really easy budgets to write, but this is going to need stuff like a real feature film budget, with more specific categories. The last time I sat down to write my script I wrote two pages, lost both of them due to a crash, and then re-wrote a page. It made me sad and discouraged so I haven’t written in a while. But it’s got to get done. I know how it ends. I just have to think of the details of how they get there. What I should really be doing is going for thinking walks. I think best when I go for a walk. Try it! It really works. I guess there is a treadmill in this room. Bleh. Ha ha ha! I just say bleh because I think part of the thinking process comes from moving about in the world. And in my part of the world it is SUPER cold! 🙁

Going through this Self Employment program has made me realize how to do my career better. It’s been really hard to have a career and a highly active mental health issue at the same time. My productivity went down. I wasn’t as creative when I was depressed or recovering from a Manic Episode. But I’ve been stable for a while now, and I feel like I am getting back to life. And wanting to make amazing art. I feel like I know emotions better, and I think I learned some things about spirituality and the human condition through my illnesses and recovery periods and stuff. Hard weird lessons.

My main question is, how is the revolution going to be for persons with mental health issues like me who are dependent on stability of routine and medications from Big Pharma??? It’s a little scary. I don’t want to go off the rails during tumultuous global events. Cause people would be really really REALLY annoyed by my insights of the situation if I was manic again. And I would get sores on my feet again.

It will be FOUR MUTHAFUCKIN YEARS since I have been in the hospital starting about end of May! Hurray! I am a little nervous because it was four years before THAT that I was in the hospital. Which means I am worried I am Due For Another Episode.

EPISODE #3 of My Manic Life: Thirza goes manic while a revolution sweeps across Canada and wanders around from KFC to KFC spending her paycheque on Toonie Tuesday in an effort to support David Suzuki who, really, looks like Colonel Sanders! Some birdhouses are found and dutifully brought home even though a cat lives with her who eats birds.


Last night I had to pop a sleeping pill. And then I had this sex dream with this girl who suddenly said “I don’t want you touching me like that!” and going away. Ha ha ha, omg! And then David Suzuki’s Nephew was there? ? ? And all these people wanted to get their pictures taken with him. Needless to say by then the sex dream part was over.

I’m glad I have take as needed sleeping pills, they have REALLY helped me out.

One thought on “Weird times, my friend, weird times.

  1. Trippy stuff, your dreams.

    So my advice for the grant is to just write whatever your fingers want to write and then after get someone else to make it all nice.
    Re. the budget, it just takes making a list of what you can imagine it will take. Make a few phone calls or check website about prices and then guess the rest. Add it all up and there ya go.
    This seems really sloppy but it might not matter if it is. The alternative is to have something polished and perfect that doesn’t exist.

    Is this the natives in space movie you told me about?

    To develop the story, just think of all the crazy people you’ve known and turn them into characters. Then think of all the crazy situations you’ve been in and then write those down and change the details so that it’s in space and you’re set. Again get somebody else to make it all nice after. Take this time to just get it on the page.

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