Let’s Break Out the Blouse and Have a Ball!

I have a shitload of writing to do in the next few days! I have to get a big chunk of my company’s website content written because I need to do more on that front, and I have to write a script, and I have to write a grant! :O Eeeeeeeeeeee! I don’t know how much money I should ask for. I am applying to the Aboriginal Media Arts Section for my Mars video. I can ask for up to 60,000 buckaroos, but I don’t know that I will need THAT much. I really have to get working on it, the deadline is April 1st, AND I have to get my final report in for my travel grant. AND I might also apply for a grant at the Sask Arts Board.

It makes me want to get some weed and get ripped and go on a writing binge. I sometimes feel like getting high makes me write better. I don’t know if that is true. I should do some experiments on myself and discover if it is a fact or not. In fact, I really should try the six week abstaining experiment and see if my life improves without the green. But it’s a little hard for me to do that. I think the longest I have gone recently is three weeks. Can I add three more weeks to that? Probably.

But what I really have to do is get organized for writing all this stuff. I also have to write some final report forms. It’s all a lot of work! BUT hopefully by the end of all this work I will have content to send to my web designer and a 47,000 grant to make a video with most of a script written. Actually by reading the guidelines of the grant I am applying for, I can write a script and do a production and do post production all on the same grant. And I think my budget doesn’t have to be as specific (33 clothespins at 10 cents a pin etc etc.). So I have 12 pages of a 30 minute script written and I should be able to get my grant based on that. And all my supporting material.

I am at a loss of what to do for support material, I think I might email Ian Reid at the Canada Council and inquire. Last time they didn’t like me including a documentary because “it had nothing to do with the project” of doing a narrative dramedy. I didn’t know support material had to be DIRECTLY related to the project one is applying for funds for. It kind of locks artists into genres, which I find problematic. Where is the room for growth?

I had kind of a sad dream last night, for two reasons. One is that I was trying to get Rheanne to love me back as in by being with me, and she wouldn’t have anything to do with me. And the other part I was in a store trying to select a Godzilla toy, and my late friend Matthew Oscienny loved Godzilla and sort of collected them, and I thought of him in my dream. I woke up missing both of them and feeling out of sorts.

The funny thing about this is the night before I dreamed about snuggling with one of my mega crushes and it made me so happy and feeling all those warm fuzzies. I was trying to have a similar dream by thinking about her before falling asleep, but it didn’t work!

I have been texting lately, although my phone is not the best for texting. Maybe I will even do some sexting! Ha ha, actually no, my phone doesn’t even have a camera.

I did send some naked pictures of myself to someone once but then her equipment got stolen and I suspect a non-lesbian is looking at my tits. GRODY! These tits should have a tattoo on them that say “For Wimmin’s Eyes Only!” Ha ha ha, whatever. I showed them in my videos all the time. When you have nice breasts, it kind of behooves one to show them off. At least it behooves me.

I tried to write Let’s Break out the booze and have a ball on my facebook status but my iPad changed it to let’s break out the blouse and have a ball. Ha ha ha!

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