Don’t Wear Tight Shoes!!!

It’s finally spring here, and it was all nicely melting and slushy and gross looking and then it freakin’ FROZE and snowed and now there is all this ice under the pretty clean new snow. Typical of spring really. I wish it would thaw again today but I don’t think it will.

I am going to Calgary this weekend with my mom and Cindy Baker and Megan Morman! I should take some of my blank notebooks I found in my packed stuff so I can do some writing, and take my grant applications and final report forms too. I gotta get that stuff done. Final report forms always sound more difficult than they really are. And my reports are just for travel grants. Man there is a LOT of paperwork involved in being an artist!

I wish I had a laptop, that would make traveling so much easier. And a credit card. I’ve resisted for so long! But I might have to get a credit card.

My Mum is having a show in Calgary at TRUCK, and the opening is tomorrow night! I am going to try not drinking hardly anything. Like maybe two drinks and some pop. I don’t really have money to drink and it is weird getting drunk in front of mom.

I’m smoking again. 😛 Rheanne is right, I have no willpower! :O I feel so blah about it.

OMG! THAT reminds me! My treaty card came back to me! 😀 I forgot to talk about this, well my treaty card disappeared and I was sure it was in my house but it wasn’t and so my mom had to buy my cigarettes for me for the LONGEST time. And then yesterday I was sitting in the car waiting for my mom to come outside with my cigarettes and this employee came up and knocked on the window and said she thought my treaty card was inside!

After months of being missing!!!!

I went inside and they brought out this box filled with treaty cards and sure enough there I was! And it was just the same as I had left it, the laminated edge all frayed and shitty looking and my sad picture because I got that treaty card the day we buried my cousin Christopher.

WOW, and it’s expiring in June! Sadly all I use it for is buying smokes, and I really am going to quit soon. BUT I could also use it for going to a new pharmacy. Only, I really like going to the Safeway for my meds because then I can get airmiles for free! I used to get 84 airmiles each time I picked up my meds, but I think it might have gone down to 76 now that I am not on Celexa.

I don’t even know how many airmiles you need to get anywhere. Like, are they REALLY representative of a mile? ??? I should really look up my account. My friend Stef does all kinds of things with their airmiles.

I need to use my dayplanner more better! I have stuff coming up that I haven’t even written in yet.

I KNOW WHY I NEED MY TREATY CARD! I am going for minor toe surgery, and have needed it for a while and just never did anything about it. And I have to find out if it is covered by Indian Affairs, because otherwise it is $400 and that’s a lot of money for someone like me! I have to get something called a Partial Nail Avulsion. Gross hey? DON’T WEAR TIGHT SHOES!!!

I am still waiting to hear about my tests and stuff. BLAHHHHHHHHHHH! Isn’t 2 weeks up already???

I still love the words Indian Affairs, because it sounds kind of sexy, rawr!

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