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Life’s been eventful. We saved the dogs when they ate rat poison and a couple relatives had to visit the hospital. SO DRAMATIC!

The dogs now get a Vitamin K oral suspension once a day for the next month. They are doing pretty good with it, the first day they were kind of upset about it because the vet had made them throw up and then eat activated charcoal and our technique for putting the syringe in their mouths wasn’t very good. But it’s in peanut oil and they actually think it is pretty tasty now, so it’s not too difficult anymore, especially when they all line up to get it now.

The vet said we had very well behaved dogs. And they really liked them, one was talking to Mister just before we left telling him how cute he was. And my mother thinks that the vet who saved them is a lesbian and I should date her. Ha ha ha!

I should date a vet, that would be handy to have in the family. We have one cat and three dogs altogether! That’s a lot of little furry souls!

Arthur is the one who gets all this food they eat that they aren’t supposed to. He is a menace! I told Mum there should be a movie about her and him starring Tantoo Cardinal. An academic and her bad dog. Ha ha! It could be the neechie Marley and Me.

I’ve been taking my meds really well lately, I only missed one night dose last week. And I haven’t used my sleeping pills in a really long time. YAY me!

Sometimes a change in seasons can tip off an episode. And everything is finally melting away here. Enough to go for a walk, I dare say! And I have another funny confession: I am afraid to go for walks because that is what I did when I was manic, I walked and walked and walked. Granted I am not walking such great distances, I just want to go walk around the neighborhood and look at stuff and think.

My mum told me they have discovered that exercise is better for your brain than doing sudoko and all those little puzzles, especially exercise where they tell you what to do. And I am trying to be healthier. My mental health is really good, I just need to bring the rest of it up to snuff. And I want to try to avoid getting dementia when I get old. I had a group home roommate with dementia and it was horrible! She was on her way to a higher care place, because she just didn’t know what was going on or how to take care of herself. I don’t want that to happen to me, my brain is weird enough already.

Which means I should really try and quit that thing I love. Dammit! BUT I LOVE IT!


I am coming up to taking a break from it until my birthday anyway. MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! I will be 33! Old timey lady! LOL. “I remember riot grrls! I remember the Challenger exploding!”

And the colored girls say do do do do do do do.

I just took a walk! I have been avoiding walking around while it’s slushy and icy, but it has finally melted away enough that there are only some puddles everywhere. And I was able to avoid the deep ones. Sometimes you’ll come to a puddle and think it’s okay to step in, but there is ice at the bottom and you get soaked falling in. That happened to me once. I felt so embarrassed walking home all wet. I was a teenager so I was embarrassed way easier back then. Now of course so many embarrassing things have happened to me. Going crazy is embarrassing. Losing control. It pisses a lot of people off, and that always made me feel bad. Later.

Anyway, I also bought a coke at the store, so maybe that negated my walk.


I’ve been waiting for mom to get back home. I cashed in some Air Miles and bought two nights out at the movie for two people. I think my mom will get one and the other one I will save for . . . hmmm, I dunno! A special friend!

And I got 25 bucks worth of Kernels popcorn! I have a mother’s day present~! Although I hope she buys me some popcorn too. OMG! I wonder if she and I could go to Circle Centre tonight and get movie popcorn!? That would be sweet.

Well, I guess that concludes this blog. I mean, I will write more later, but this entry is over!

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