I am not a Deer!

I spend a lot of time with my mother and grandmother. My grandfather as well. But he doesn’t get called dear. My grandma HATES being called Dear. She thinks it’s degrading to her as an old lady. And my mum, who recently quit dyeing her hair, has also been called a Dear.

The funny thing is Grandma used to call me Dear when I was younger. I would get upset and say “I am not a deer!” thinking she was calling me an ungulate. “Oh Dear!” she would say, and I would repeat “I am not a Deer!”

Kids are weird, even I was weird. Also when my mom said “Look, an antelope!” I would say “I don’t see any cantaloupe!” I was expecting a field of melons. Not those tiny ungulates.

I am at home wanting to go out. I hate feeling like I am stuck at home. I want to be drinking a beer or hanging out or in a car or SOMETHING! Oh mans! Well, at least tomorrow night I am at Lesbian Speed Dating! From meeting to uhaul in one night!

I don’t know what to expect. I am not really expecting to meet someone, but you never know!

I’m getting sleepy now. I don’t know why I ever said I wanted to leave the house, now I just want to crawl into bed and sleep the night away!

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