I am terrible at cleaning. PERIOD!

As you may know, I am supposed to be inhabiting my mother’s basement, like many unfortunates my age who can’t afford rent in other places. I don’t spend a lot of time in the basement though. At first I thought it was because I think the basement is haunted. But lots of parts of the house have had weird things happen in them, not just the basement. Now I have come to accept, it is because the basement is a horrid mess.

And it’s supposed to be all clean for my business.

So today I worked on it some. I actually cleaned the bathroom and found a spider and did some laundry which covered my bedroom floor. I also moved some boxes from near the bedroom/future office to a storage area just beside the bathroom. But there is still so much to be done, and it is so big! I feel really ineffectual, even though the bathroom looks good finally.

I just found out my speed dating is probably not going to happen tonight. I feel so disappointed? Where’s the sapphic single ladies?? All the single ladies . . .

I need to get out of the house tonight, I don’t want to stay in yet again. I don’t know what I could do. My one friend is going to the gym. I could go work out. I have my period though, and I hate tampons because I bleed too heavy, so maybe swimming is out for me.

Once I did get my period in the pool, and I found this clot floating next to me. Periods are weird man!

Especially my fibroid enhanced periods.

I wish I could see the ultrasounds of my gallbladder and uterus.

I’m looking forward to the day I don’t have my period anymore. It doesn’t make me feel any more connected to being a woman. It makes me feel vulnerable to bears and cougars!

So I was having this conversation with my friend Robin yesterday about how we read articles online about cleaning instead of just actually cleaning, or how to stop procrastinating, while using it as an excuse to procrastinate. I’m really terrible at this. I’ve probably also spent more time reading books on how to have an awesome sex life than actually doing so. I sure as hell haven’t logged enough mileage.

I also like to write about doing things instead of doing them. Sometimes.

OMG! Did you hear about this killer named Twitchell in Edmonton who was a filmmaker who made a film about killing someone a certain way, and then actually did it. WTF? He also wrote this whole confessional diary about it.

And he was obsessed with Dexter.

Well I was obsessed with Ab Fab but I didn’t turn into a drug taking booze hound! Ha ha ha, wait.

There are two skeletons at the University of Saskatchewan named Dexter and Sinister. At least there used to be.

Once my cousin told me about this haunted cave in Mexico where you could see skeletons dancing. I wish I could find out more about it. We were going to host a paranormal show and investigate haunted places and scream. We were good at screaming. But honestly, I don’t think I can be a paranormal investigator. I’d prefer to stay away from it. I’m tired of being around it.

Maybe I should save some eggs. I wonder if Indian Affairs covers cryogenic egg preserving since I will be getting an ablation.

Once when I was at Hantleman I wandered all over campus looking for my glasses (they were under the bed back at Hantleman, but I was crazy) and I stumbled on the cryogenics facility. It just had this happy little sign that said “Cryogenics” and that was all I saw. And then I came back to the ward and got my glasses.

I need my glasses at all times!

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