The sun porch is lovely this time of year.

I turned 33!!!!! I’m growing up, not down, like a goose or a carrot! Up like a mighty oak!

Anyway, I learned that my ability to throw parties is on par with my ability to grow plants, which is not at all. So I surrender! I will not invite my friends to see each other and celebrate me!

I cleaned the sun porch today! I’m out here right now, writing this blog! I haven’t written here for a while, and believe me, I feel guilty for not keeping up with writing one page a day. But I have been busy! Believe me!

I feel like I have accomplished something immensely great by cleaning the sun porch, mostly because I did it in an hour and now it’s actually a nice place to hang out. It gets crazy dirty over the winters. I also added 2:18 minutes to my video program. I am still short six minutes. I need a six minute short.

I’m feeling generally okay, I forgot three days of morning mess in a row recently and got mildly depressed. But I pulled through! Mess equals MEDS of course, I am writing on an iPad.

The dogs, cat, and I are all grooving in the sun porch listening to Sexy Boy by Air.

I couldn’t be a boy, it would annoy the he’ll out of me. He’ll meaning hell of course! I like spending time with women far too much to be a boy. Plus I hear their washrooms are disgusting.

2 thoughts on “The sun porch is lovely this time of year.

  1. Well you can ask somebody else to host the party.
    So 33? I remember when you were a baby dyke and did that video.
    Only some men’s washrooms are disgusting. Men don’t like it but don’t bother doing anything about it because we can pee without actually touching any of it.

  2. Which Clark is this??? I can’t click onto you to creep on you! Ha ha.
    Yeah, having to sit on something everyone else’s bum has been on kinda sucks, I wish I had a funnel to use!

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