Surgery consultation in June!

I finally got a call about my gallbladder surgery, and I have a consultation this June. I am relieved. I also found out today I missed my appointment with the gynecologist to talk about ablation. Mainly I don’t want to have to get a hysterectomy later. Like all the other women in my family.

Boring, all I talk about these days on Facebook is all my medical issues, it drives me crazy, I feel like a 33 year old fuddy duddy. And then I think, maybe that really is all that is going on with me. Medical problems. I am old. When I was a kid my main problem was extreme anxiety, now MEDS tAke care of that but I have all kinds of other problems. I really don’t want diabetes.

OMG!!!! I almost forgot, I quit eating meat! It’s been something I have thought seriously about for a few years, but it’s gotten to a point where I can’t eat meat without gagging. I’m not opposed to meat eaters or anything, and I am not running off to join those sexists and racists at PETA, but for now I am a vegetarian. The only problem is I really don’t know what I am doing. I don’t know how to cook without meat except for a couple recipes, and I don’t know how to have a balanced diet. I feel kind of weird and it has been a few days now, I really should look it up and plan some meals. It’s a big step. Maybe now I can become a real Buddhist, whatever that entails!

I’m slowly evolving towards something, but I can’t tell what yet. I thought I was going to become healthy the way people always say you have to do it, by having a no fun life of no drinking and smoking up and carousing. But now I am feeling more lenient about myself, like I could feel okay about myself even if I smoke weed a lot. Although I don’t know. I really like it. Whatever. But there are different things I am more interested in exploring. Like sex! I would like to have more sex please! I feel so ripped off by my pitiful track record. And what the he’ll am I doing living in Saskatoon? Someone remind me why I think staying here is a good idea? Oh yeah, POVERTY. Damn.

See what I really need to do is get all writery and chain-smoke while pumping out the Great Canadian Aboriginal Lesbian Novel for a couple of years, maybe drink into a black out a couple more times while shooting video of all the people I meet. Aw crap, I just realized I can’t buy street hotdogs anymore. I have a lot to do! I need to write a best seller so I can happily retire on the royalties.

I need to do more of what I love, I think that’s where my future lies. As God is my witness I will never work in a call centre again!

I finally went downtown and showed my paystub so I can keep riding the bus with a twenty dollar pass every month instead of a seventy one dollar pass. It’s good until November! Subsidized bus fares are awesome!

I need to go scrounge up something delicious and vegetarian for dinner, so I will go now.

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