So I guess I should recap, which is that I didn’t get my grant. I am applying for a job everyday and just waiting to be called back for an interview. I am also exploring a different idea of what to do with my Mars video. I am going to make a web series out of it, which means I am applying for totally different funds. More Industry funds, which is scary because me and the Industry have a rocky relationship. I think I shocked a few people back in the day, when to be a Thirza was shocking. I don’t think I shock anyone now. Is that good or bad? Maybe I have lost my edge.

It’s a bummer. Oh well, so the Canada Council doesn’t want to fund me. And because it’s the second time I’ve applied with that project, I can’t apply again. Which is a major bummer! UGH!

I don’t get it. I don’t understand funding decisions. Sometimes I think total crap decisions get made.

It’s like playing the lottery really. Which I also do.

I won a free play on my Lotto Max ticket and the next jackpot is 40 million dollars! Maybe I will win! Then I never have to network with the right people to get a Canada Council grant!

Oh god I sound bitter. Well, looking for work sucks. I don’t like it. It’s really demoralizing. And writing grants and not getting them is demoralizing too.

So I am applying for some development money to pay a little bit of living so I can buy a computer that isn’t from 2003. Why it’s almost as old as I have been a diagnosed manic depressive!!! I should also really apply for a loan for my business. Try try try!

But I do need something to live on. It would be nice to get a contract and do some editing work for somebody. Then I would feel like it was worth the trouble to incorporate. Yeah, that’s a real good ad for my services.

(But seriously, if you want me to edit for you get in touch, I do good work!)

I did apply for one job that was 20 dollars an hour and had a P.O. Box instead of an email or street address. It was all a bit mysterious. I actually put paper inside of an envelope and put a stamp on it and walked to the mailbox near the four way stop and put it in. It was almost quaint. I thought how exciting it was, because of course now everything is instant. I guess they don’t want to be pestered by follow up phone calls and emails. Which I am told, according to all the job hunting websites, I am supposed to do. But I feel like a pest, I mean, what do you say really?? I don’t want to be a bug.

I dropped by the school to drop of copies of receipts and get a cheque and one of the people who works there gave me a bit of a pep talk about getting my business off the ground. She said “My tax dollars didn’t pay for you to be employed!” Meaning not self employed. It’s true, I really need to put more work into it. I know there must be someone who needs editing done or can make a deal with me for some cash in exchange for video services.

Some of the jobs I applied for sound exciting, in weird ways. I am avoiding call centre jobs, although I don’t mind answering the phone for people in an office. I just know I am a shitty employee but a marvelous worker when it comes to call centre jobs. I do it really well but I don’t want to do it. So my absenteeism goes up when I am working those jobs. It’s because people are mean to call centre employees. People are assholes actually!

And I am tired of assholes, I already have one.

See, if I was nineteen again maybe I would insert a paragraph here about anal sex or anal fisting more likely, but I am not nineteen anymore so you will have to suck it up buttercup!

I’ve had a weird few days. Week or so really. I am super emotional these days but it’s okay. I am fine, just having emotions and not really being used to them because I didn’t have them for so long. It’s kind of crazy, because I have a mood disorder, and so I don’t trust my moods. I’m really suspicious of them and I am happier but not necessarily healthier when I don’t have emotions for a really long time. Maybe happy is the wrong word. I don’t know. I am more carefree when I am not suffering from emotional responses to external situations. But it’s a little bit cold and makes people feel weird. Someone wanted me to cry with them once and I couldn’t cry, it was awkward.

I am a robot!

A meaty robot.

So life is all about adapting to weird situations. I actually did increase my job search to all of Canada, but then my Mom told me I couldn’t just leave her so I went back to just looking in Saskatoon.

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