Mind like a hamster wheel *squeak squeak squeak*

I have awoken from a HORRIBLE sleep! I forgot to take my night meds at first and by the time 2:30 rolled around and I was still up, I went upstairs and took them. I fell asleep half an hour later, but then mum woke me up to look at Maeshowe at solstice (I slept a little more so I actually missed it) and then I missed out on getting a full eight hours.

So I am going to be crabby today.

I think I am finally falling out of love, which is GOOD! I’m tired of being treated badly and I’m tired of her attitude about me. She’s got these weird ideas of who I am that don’t match up with how I see myself. Or I didn’t see myself that way for a long time, and then it kind of leeched into my soul and tarnished my vision of self. I don’t think it’s good to love someone who doesn’t think you can do anything. It’s much better to love someone who thinks you can do amazing things.

So I still don’t know who I will fall in love with next, and it doesn’t really matter. I can be a whole person without a girlfriend. My psychic says I will end up with someone for the rest of my life, so that is good to hear. It just troubles me, this fear that I will end up with someone emotionally abusive again. Or any kind of abusive really. Because that kind of shit sneaks up on you. I have this theory that you can tell a lot about a potential mate by how they treat people in the customer service industry. If I’m on a date with someone and they yell at some customer service rep, I’m out. Not interested at all!

Steven seems to have gone back to his partner. I don’t know if he is still living with us or what, but we have to rent out the basement when it is finished. I hope he doesn’t go back just to get kicked out again after we’ve gotten a new tenant. I don’t know where he would go.

This Christmas we are having a ham! I love ham, I am so excited, we hardly ever get ham. And turkey is kind of lame, it dries out so fast and there are too many leftovers. At least with leftover ham you can cut off a slice and fry it up. What can you do to reheat turkey and make it taste good? Mum always puts turkey on bread with gravy, but I’ve never been a fan of that combo.

Last night I dyed my hair Hot Hot Pink by Manic Panic! I’m so happy, pink hair, pink hair! I wanted to dye it earlier but my horoscope said not to make changes to my appearance until after the 13th. And it was good to wait, because I found out I am getting income assistance and don’t have to worry about a job job.

I really want my business to take off. I had to crack the whip on the logo designer because I’ve been waiting for it for months and I really need it so I can get business cards made. It’s kind of fucking me up actually.

My cousin Sharlene is spending Christmas eve and Christmas morning with us. I’m kind of excited to have her here, should be fun! We’ll watch Auntie Mame on Christmas Eve and then go to bed and wake up for presents, stockings, and mimosas, and then cap it off with a great big brunch with blueberry pancakes and bacon and pork sausages! I love Christmas morning because it’s when my little family does our thing, without the whole big family being around.

Well, what else? I am crabby. I should get over it, but sleep deprivation doesn’t make me a very happy person, it kind of fucks with my moods actually. Sucks! 🙁

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