Good News!

I just got some good news today. I saw the postperson leaving and went to get the mail and found two slim envelopes, one addressed to my Mum and the other one addressed to me, from the Sask Arts Board. Mum and I opened them up and we both got our grants!

This means two major things:

I can go to Germany to do my residency.

I can get a new laptop.

The residency is a ways off yet, but as soon as I get my cheque I am going and getting myself a new computer. My computer is from 2003 when I got a grant to write a screenplay. I am getting a 15 inch Macbook Pro. And some software. It will be a big relief to have a functioning computer, since as you can imagine, my computer is really obsolete. You can’t even put new software on it anymore because it doesn’t have intel. And the caps lock was always getting stuck. And the search function wouldn’t work. It is a shitty computer. It was fast and shiny and amazing in it’s day.

It’s almost ten years old! I have an ancient piece of technology!

I am finishing up writing the monologue for my film Sight. It’s simple. I am going to record tomorrow.

I got myself a backpack in anticipation of my new computer, a backpack especially for computers with a snug little pouch inside that will fit my computer exactly! I’ve also decided it is finally time to sign a cell contract and get an iPhone. I promised myself as soon as I got enough money to pay for it with a three year contract, I would get one. And now is the time! Well, in a few days. Because I had to mail back a form with my social insurance number on it so they could process it.

I am a Canadian. I say process Pro-cess. Not Prawcess. Which is American in the extreme.

Anyway, the cheque will be mailed sometime this week. I really hope I get it on Friday.

Then I could sit in my room all weekend playing with my iPhone and my lappy.

I got my hair cut today. I am trying to keep on top of my hair better by getting it cut more regularly. And refreshing the dye. I think I’m okay for a bit though. And I am taking my coat to get dry cleaned, because it’s really dirty. In the meantime I am wearing my ridiculous green coat.

And I went to deep water aquasize tonight! Mum got a leisure card today so we went with my friend Laurel. It’s nice doing all these different things to exercise. I am liking the feeling I get after exercising, I am going to continue.

I got a book on Transcendental Meditation at the Library, but they aren’t going to tell me how to do it, just how well it works. It’s disappointing.

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