Don’t go breaking my heart! I couldn’t if I tried!

So anyway, Happy Easter all my readers! It has been a while since I wrote. Let’s see, what is new? Well, I have another job, not a JOB job but some work for my company. It’s pretty exciting, I am looking forward to getting started. Work work work! Gonna be about 20 to 25 days of work, and will help me pay off some debts and go to Germany and get through the summer without resorting to Welfare. Hooray! 😀

I drove all the way deep into the westside today to pick up my older sister Sky and bring her home. She thought it was pretty funny that I was driving. At first she was annoyed Mum wasn’t there to pick her up, but she got over it. Then Steven drank all the wine last night meant for Sunday dinner, so I drove to two liquor stores, which were both closed, then went to the offsale, then went out to the reserve for cheap smokes. I am trying to come up with a good quit date soon. Before my birthday.

I forgot a few morning meds last week, which made me moody. But this week I have been pretty good at taking them, except for one day. Saturday morning I forgot.

Thursday night I got spectacularly drunk with my cousins as it was Deanna’s last night in town. I was so exhausted the next day. Then I was a designated driver on Friday night and took my friend Laurel to four bars! I drank pepsi and coke and one red bull. Actually I was exhausted the day after that too!

Baby got attacked by his dog a week and a half ago. He looks much better now, but when it first happened he was so red and oozing blood out of his nose and his lip was drooping so much because it was so swollen. Never leave your child alone with a dog, no matter how well you think you know that dog! The vet wants to get the dog fixed and give it to a different home. I dunno. I still think it would be better to put it down. He’s 11 years old! And the injuries he inflicted on Baby were pretty bad! 18 stitches! Did you know they give children morphine and ketamine for injuries on little children like that? I did not know they used ketamine.

Anyway, Baby is still a happy go lucky kinda kid. Today Mister was kissing me and Baby said “Dog bites lip!”

I got my grant sent away. Three grant applications in three years. I dunno! We will see what happens. I hope no traditionalist tries to stomp on my dreams! Traditionalists are to Indian Country as Fundamentalists are to Christians. They seem to be exceedingly conservative and homophobic. And they are always trying to tell other Indians how to be a real Indian.

I hate when people try to define what is a real whatever. Real lesbians, Real Women, Real Indians, Real this real that. Really just shut the front door! Humph!

I still haven’t had my date yet, BUT there are murmurings that next weekend she’s gonna come up here and we are going to sit in my hot tub and drink lovely drinks and maybe make out? I hope! So I guess we’ll see what happens.

I’m doing good. I was weakening on my resolve not to have any pot on Thursday night, but oddly enough my cousin who’s a major chronic and says anti-marijuana facts are a government conspiracy talked me out of smoking up with them when I was drunk and wanted to. THEN the next day I found a roach in my raincoat pocket from last year and I threw it in the garbage! Woot!

So that’s still good. It was eleven weeks last Wednesday at noon since I smoked up last! ELEVEN WEEKS! I should have got my 60 day chip already, but I haven’t been going to NA. I haven’t been going to concurrent disorders either. They weren’t running it this last friday anyway, but I really should go. It helps. I don’t go to the bipolar group, I am thinking maybe I should again. It was pretty nice. Except they say eating nuts makes you fat. A lot of people with bipolar worry about their weight because the meds pack on pounds. I don’t mind being fat, although I have shrunk a bit. Being fat is kinda sexy!

Actually being fat is really sexy, I really like bigger girls. They are more curvy and delicious!

But any size can be sexy, it all depends on the personality.

Velveeta was skinny and she’s pretty sexy. I should give her a call! I should also call Stef. And Robin. And Lynn. I wonder if any of them would be into skyping sometime? OOh, and Margaret. I have to make my rounds with my long distance friends.

I think my business might just work out. I guess I will find out soon! According to my psychic it will improve. I just have to FOCUS! She even said I could have it in two locations later on if I wanted. I am considering getting a partner to run it here in Saskatoon while I open another location in Toronto. But that’s still a ways off!

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