Bunnyhug Grant Writing!

My Mum just told me I looked like a nerd the way I was typing. Thanks I guess?

Today I drove Grandpa to City Hospital for his CAT Scan. We passed these prolifers with signs that said “Women DO regret their abortions!” Grandpa grumbled and said “I don’t think women DO regret their abortions!” We were in the car so they didn’t hear him, but I heard him and I was happy! Grandpa has righteous politics! Then we went inside and got him through admitting and went to the medical imaging area and the woman who worked behind the desk was really bitchy because Grandpa is partially deaf and didn’t understand her right away. I was annoyed with her, sheesh! She should be used to dealing with elderly deaf people. Pisses me off. Then we sat in Waiting Room Four and Grandpa had to drink Contrast Dye and he said “I don’t want to, it’s going to go right through me!” But he did of course. He had to answer some questions to screen him before they injected him with Contrast dye and one was “Are you pregnant and/or breastfeeding?” He said “I can’t answer that question!” We agreed NA was probably the best answer.

Then I drove him to the Cancer Centre for his radiation treatment.

La la la!

It’s nice being able to drive him around. And I did save him one day when he was stranded at Market Mall because his car wouldn’t start!

I have realized that Rheanne AND Ivana, my exes who won’t talk to me, both have cats as their profile pictures. What’s that all about? Are cat lovers contraindicated in my romantic life?

Romantically things are, developing. I am going down to Regina next week, so I might have a date while I am there. THAT would be exceptionally nice. I’m not really expecting sex, but some making out would be sweet! I love making out! We’ll see! I still have my very very far away crush, it’s been sweet too. Not much in the way of flirting, but we have had some pretty good conversations on Chat on Facebook. I like being able to talk with someone who has a lot of similar interests, BUT is femme! Then again, my closest friends have almost ALL been femmes. And also, they become close friends because I usually have a crush on them to begin with before we settle into platonic friendship!

I have been scouting out possible Masters programs in Toronto. Right now I am heavily leaning towards York. I feel like it would teach me the most. But I am probably also going to apply to OCAD and U of T and maybe Ryerson.

I’ve been working hard on my grant! I’ve got most of it written and I did the treatment and I have been working on the budget! I think it will be ready to be mailed away on Monday! It better be, because that is the deadline! My final report was approved so I totally can go ahead with this grant application. Hurrah!

And now, I think it is time for bed. I woke up at 8:30 this morning, miles better than waking up at 2 in the afternoon like the day before. Let’s hope I can keep this up tomorrow!

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