Sober and Kinda Poor, but I have dreams!

Life is a little less stressed in my house because I got paid so I paid my rent and gave Mum an extra 200 bucks so she could pay the water and electricity bill, which is gonna get cut off on the 20th if it isn’t paid. It’s started! I am starting to be responsible for making money around here! I need to make a bunch more because I still have to pay my phone bill and buy a new phone. And then pay September rent. I might have some more work coming in, and some other work maybe, I have to get in touch with some people who were interested in having me help them make videos.

I’ve been reconsidering grad school. It really depends. I am still going to apply, but part of me feels responsible for keeping mom afloat, she has a mortgage and all kinds of things she has to keep up with. I really don’t know what to do. I’d feel guilty if I just buggered off to be a poor student for two years. If she got her two year grant, I would feel less guilty. Then I would know she was guaranteed to have an income for a while. It’s just she’s so poor! It makes me worry a lot.

I bought lottery tickets today, my typical routine so I can dream about an end to our poverty problems. It would be really nice to get that 50 million! I know we most likely won’t win. I’ll have to get rich on my charm and talent!

I still haven’t heard about my Canada Council grant. I heard last year on August 10th, and it’s well past that now. Well, it was the 10th on Friday anyway. So really, any day I could hear. I know no one else has heard because I haven’t seen anyone post about getting or not getting their grants. I’m not super counting on it, because I wouldn’t have the money until January/February anyway so I still need to make a living in the meantime. But it would be really nice to be able to start planning a big shoot for next summer.

I haven’t found anyone else I want to go on a date with from OK Cupid. That’s alright. I should concentrate on other things anyway. Some people get so desperate when they don’t have a partner that they end up in bad relationships just to avoid being alone. That’s not me. I’m willing to hold out for someone good. It would just be nice to have a new crush I guess, since my last unrequited love thing turned out so badly. Then at least I could tell my friend “I have a crush!” when she finally gets in touch with me to find out if we can be friendly friends again. I miss her. Dammit.

I’m renting my cousin’s cell phone for the rest of the month while she is on a cruise. I’m excited to have a phone again for a while. I really miss my iPhone! Oy! Soon it will be a month that I have been without a phone! Jeepers! And that’s my business line! 🙁 Sucks to be me!

I have to pay some money for an ad I placed. I didn’t get any calls from it, but at least I placed an ad. I should find another place to place an ad. I should place an ad in Kijiji. Running my own business is stressful.

I’m needing to listen to my psychic reading again. I’m happy because tomorrow I will get to see my cousin Sharlene before she goes off on her two week cruise! Yay!

Today I bought my first ever Diva Cup. I hope it works well! I just had my period, so it will be a while before I get to try it. My mom thinks I should practice putting it in. But I don’t want to be all dry trying to stick it up there! And I feel goofy lubin’ it up!

Mum’s depressed about money. We need a miracle. I have to keep getting work I guess. We can’t count on the damned lottery! Although I admit, it is kinda fun buying tickets for the big jackpots. I like having a fantasy rich person life in my head. The house I would buy, my car, paying debts, giving to charity, making a movie, solving problems, being amazing and traveling all kinds of places seeing and doing all kinds of things! The social/interpersonal problems that would crop up freak me out though, like all my friends wanting money and stuff, getting taken advantage of, blah blah blah! That’d suck. Being a target of unscrupulous people. Yucky! But being able to arrange and pay for better care for my grandparents, that would be sweet. Being able to send my cousin to three month treatment, that would be nice. And being able to support queer film festivals would rock too! I think being sober would help a lot, I wouldn’t burn through my money doing drugs and drinking, that’s for sure! I didn’t spend a lot of money in Europe when I was there, because I wasn’t drinking!

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