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UGH! I am starting to hate my family again. I guess I shouldn’t hate EVERYONE because it’s really just a few rotten apples that are pissing in my cornflakes. I am really wondering why I am friends with some of them on facebook when they seem to just leave asshole comments or are generally pissy.

I unfriended Steven quite a while ago and he never noticed and then he took down his facebook anyway, so whatever, he never sees anything I post. ANYWAY, I got this Pendleton Blanket from my Grandparents for getting sober. And it was kicking around for a while and then the cat puked on it. And I was gonna clean it off, but I kept forgetting about it. So Steven in his great wisdom decided to help me by not only putting it in the washer, but also the dryer. This after we had had two incidents with woolen things either going in the washer and getting wrecked, or being saved from his determination to put all fibres into the washing machine. So I had THOUGHT he had realized that WOOL DOESN’T GO IN THE WASHER! Arrrrrrrg! I don’t think he knows what wool is.

So my blanket is shrunk and I was really mad and I made ONE status about it all day and my fucking cousin comes along and bitches about how I complain about Steven all the time and I just fucking had it. I’m tired of my family being so concerned about Steven’s man feelings when he does stupid shit that pisses me off like wrecking my expensive sweater and my Pendleton blanket. I don’t know why nobody cares that I have a fucked up living arrangement and no way to get out of it because rent elsewhere is fucking eight hundred dollars! Steven hasn’t gotten drunk in a while, which is good, and I haven’t complained about that, but in the past yes when he drinks I get pissed off because he turns into an asshole and disrupts our whole household. So I have posted about his fucked up behaviour, because I don’t buy into the whole keeping quiet about alcoholism thing that fuels so many other alcoholic homes. I’m not interested in enabling any fucking man.

ANYWAY, he really hasn’t gotten drunk in a while, so this was just about my frustration with his cluelessness about how to do the laundry. And I am tired of the cousin who bitched about my bitching, because of a lot of things but mostly because she pisses me off and keeps posting new age crap about this dawning world we are supposed to see that is SO psychosis influenced it scares me! I shouldn’t be scared of psychosis fueled ideas, because I have had them, but maybe it’s because I have had them that I am so annoyed by them. It all makes sense and like, you’re going to be intimately involved with saving the world and blah blah blah, but it’s just mania. IT IS JUST MANIA! And sure, sometimes it comes in handy, like for Winston Churchill who really did have to help save the world and was in a manic episode for most of the Second World War. But it just makes me cringe because I think of all the stupid stuff I said when I was manic and saving the world and how I thought I knew everything and was smarter than everyone else. I guess part of me worries that people have to go through depressions after manias to let go of those ideas and maybe she hasn’t and is still mildly manic.

So anyway I put her on restricted profile so I wouldn’t have to deal with her weird comments, and then I took her off my newsfeed so I don’t have to read all those psychosis influenced posts. And then I just felt mad for a while at my family because I am tired of having interpersonal drama and it all seems to stem from Steven who I really wish I didn’t live with but I don’t have a choice. And a part of me just wants all these family members to actually step up and take Steven into their house and live with him and see what they think about the experience and if they would or wouldn’t have a complainy status once in a while. And if they did complain I would just comment “Ha ha!” He is not an easy guy to live with.

But beyond all of that, I really want to get the hell out of this city. I’m not growing here. I’m stuck. And I don’t really feel respected here, I feel like a lot of people think I suck. And I am tired of that feeling. I want to go somewhere where I can actually have a career again and be involved with my community and all that stuff. And Saskatoon isn’t the place for it. I can’t even make a television show here because the tax credit is gone. Anyway, I had much higher self esteem when I lived in another city away from my family. I was really good at self care and I had some strong support networks of friends. I didn’t ever have like, scads of friends, but the ones I did have were really good friends who would like, take me in if I was suicidal and stuff. Here I feel like I am just getting picked on.

And I am pissed that it seems to be cousins who are acting like assholes. It makes me want to unfriend all my cousins just to get it over with because I feel like they are all going to turn on me one day. And I know they aren’t and that I am close with some of them, yes yes yes. But also some of them are assholes. But I think they know they are assholes, that’s not a newsflash.

Ugh! I am tired! I’m going to bed. I’m not going to post a link to this blog on my facebook just because I only want dedicated readers to see this, and not just whatever people. I need to get more selective.

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