The Night Mare

This is the first post of 2013!  It’s been almost nine years of having this blog!  Wow! 

Well, Sober New Years Eve went well, three cousins came over before they went off to their parties, so we hung out and ate nibblies and drank pop and stuff.  I had some virgin mojitos which were good.  We set off fireworks!  Kristjan was at our house and he cried when the fireworks were over because he wanted more!  I had my special bath and visualized all the negativity of 2012 being washed away.  I also smudged the house.

Midnight passed uneventfully, Mum had gone to bed before then.  Around 1am I went to bed too.  Little Mister came with me.  At four he got up and went off to forage around for snacks and then go to Mum’s bed.  I heard him jump jump jumping and I remembered I left a Terry’s Chocolate Orange on an end table, so I got up totally naked to go get it before Mister got poisoned.  As I was walking down the hallway I started hearing the sound of someone making whimpering noises like they were trying to scream.  Steven has a lot of night terrors so I thought maybe it was him and he was sleepwalking.  I stopped and listened and they got louder and louder until finally Mum let out this unearthly bloodcurdling scream of terror!  It freaked the shit out of me, it sounded like she was being murdered!  I thought maybe it was because she saw my shadow walking down the hall, so I yelled back to reassure her “Are you okay Mom?”  She was awake by then and said “Oh it was terrible!”  Little Mister gave up his jump jump jumping and went to her room to comfort her.  Even the cat got up and went to her room, all of them sleeping around her trying to make her feel better.  The next morning I asked her what she was dreaming about and she said she dreamt she was cuddling a small animal when a sheet went over her head and something jumped on her.  She was trying to kick it off and she had been reading Harry Potter before bed, so she thought it was a Blast Ended Skrewt.  Then she started trying to scream and her scream woke her up.

So that was a bizarre way to ring in the New Year.  I certainly didn’t like hearing Mom sound so terrified, I felt so bad for her!  Nightmares suck.  I thought she was on her back when it happened because that’s when I get nightmares like that, but she was on her side.  Scary!  None of us is safe from the Night Mare!

I did a lot of tidying on New Year’s Eve, I did all my laundry and most of the dishes and picked up and swept the living room.  I tried to clean my room, but there’s a lot of stuff in there.

I’m happy I am going into 2013 with no stds and no active addictions.  I’ve been smoke free for 30 days now!  I do need to do a lot of work starting tomorrow, my grad application is due relatively soon, and I need to get my stuff to York before mid month, because that’s when a bunch of blockades might go up and that could possibly affect my mail/couriered stuff.  I’m going to get my portfolio sent this week.  I also have to redo my paper, and edit some of my admissions writings like my statement of interest.  And I have to wait until I get my York Student ID so I can sign onto MyFile and get recommendation form links to my references. 

I’m so sleepy!  I’m happy not to be hungover though.  I’ve gotten smash drunk every New Years Eve since 1997!  That’s a long time!

I also realized it was the anniversary of me realizing I am a big ole lezbo!  20 years!!! Holy crapadoodle!  That’s a long time!

I figured out my resolutions, they all have to do with money so it’s kind of boring.  I need to start calling places I owe money to and see how much a minimum payment would be.  Blah blah blah!  Boring boring boring.

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