Cake with a Pie INSIDE!

My interview seemed to go well.  I will hear in a week come Monday if I got the job or not.  It starts at the end of February.  And it’s a Monday to Friday job, so I will be guaranteed weekends off, and during the time I work full time it’s nine days on, one day off, with that day off generally being a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  I will probably work full time during the summer, which would be fine, I could make lots of money and that’s a pretty good thing.

I am pretty much done all my grad application stuff!  I just need to see what Mum thinks of my paper, but I improved on it, and I have my portfolio all together, and my other writings.  It’s pretty kewl!  I got my first letter from York, just thanking me for applying and saying I am responsible for getting my things there in a timely manner.  Wednesday is the deadline! :O  I really hope Xpress Post can get everything there on time!  I’m a little worried about my transcript, I faxed the request yesterday, but I didn’t hear back from Emily Carr if they got it or if it is in the mail or what. 

I’ve got National Anthem by Lana Del Rey stuck in my head.  It’s a pretty nice song actually. 

I read an article about this producer and director trying to make a microbudget film starring Lindsay Lohan and how hellish the experience was.  OMG!  It sounded like a nightmare! 

I’m really bored of being single.  But I am not as negative about it as one of my friends is, who is always saying these terrible things about me being single and how I have to do all these extreme things to get ANY girlfriend I can possibly get!  UGH!  I hate when people assume single people are desperate.  I do have some taste you know!  And some prerequisites for someone to be intimately involved with me.  I’m looking for a big love I guess, a really sweet love story.

I was supposed to go to Regina tomorrow for some Queer performance art, but a snowstorm is descending on Southern Saskatchewan and so travel is not advised.  Crappy!  I’m gonna miss seeing my friends! 

I might go to the movies tomorrow night.  I have free Cineplex tickets.  I went out tonight with my cousin Deanna and our friend Janelle, it was pretty sweet, we had some good chats.  I drank three pepsis, because refills are free! 

My sober birthday is coming up soon, I quit smoking pot on January 18th of last year.  Next week!  Mum says we are going to have a black forest cake to celebrate it.  I asked for one.  I don’t go to NA anymore, but of all the Whatever Anonymous traditions, having a cake for your birthday is the one I relate to the most!  I am always up for cake!  Or pie!  Did you know you can make a cake that has a pie INSIDE!  It looks so decadent, I think I need to try it before I die. 

Cherry pie inside a red velvet cake! 😀

Beatrix Kitty is purring on my leg, and Little Mister is at the foot of the bed snoozing.  Tomorrow afternoon my responsibility to my grad application will be fucking OVER and I can move on with my life!  I have a bunch of stuff to do before work starts at the end of February.  If I get the job.  I need to do all kinds of things.  I will start this weekend.  No rest for the wicked.

I wonder if I will get my artist fee tomorrow?  I really want to buy a hard drive, there’s a portable 1tb harddrive at Neural Net for only 120 bucks or so.  It would be nice to be able to move stuff off my computers and have it easily on hand at the same time.

I really want something sexy or romantic to happen in my life soon.  Or both sexy AND romantic!  It’s not gonna happen though.

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