When you have no schedule

I haven’t had a set schedule for a number of months now.  My days are all fairly open, and I am often at a loss of what to do to fill the time.  When I am working on a grant or my grad school application, I have things to do that take up a large portion of my time.  But at the moment I am not applying for grants, and my grad school application is in.

Tomorrow my main thing will be getting to my psychiatrist at three.  It’s just a check up, nothing major, my meds will most likely remain the same.  I can’t think of anything I need her to do.  She might send me off for blood tests to find out if my valproic acid levels are still in the therapeutic range and not in the Very Bad range of It Might Kill You.  And she might need to see if my blood sugar is normal too, because my antipsychotic has an alarming tendency to increase diagnoses of type 2 diabetes.  But everything has been normal before, so I don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.

I might go and get a leather coat, I have a little bit of money and I need a new coat, so we are going to see if we can find one with a removable liner for colder days.  That would be really nice.

Today I paid off my web hosting bill, which was hanging over my head and giving me nightmares that my domain name would be hijacked by fucking Go Daddy!  Anyway, all is well in internet land.  It’s the website for my company.  I also have to pay the incorporation fees this month, to keep my Inc name.  That’s about all I am doing for my business, the minimal amount to keep it alive.  Just in case.  One never knows!

Valentines Day is creeping up.  I never have anything special to do on Valentines Day.  It’s not going to be a big deal to be single yet again.  It’s too bad, only because I like scheming up romantic things to do for somebody when I am partnered.  But whatever, I can do them some other day in the unknown future.

Tomorrow Mum and I are going for Dim Sum lunch at Genesis, then looking at recliners for Grandma and Grandpa.  They are moving to a smaller place where Grandma can get more care.  And they need another recliner instead of their couch.  We also have to write a list of all the things we have to do before they move.  It’s coming up pretty quick!

I should go to bed.  Today was alright, semi productive.  And I got to see my Auntie and then my Cuzzie. 

I wish I had tips for persons not in school or regularly employed to make a schedule, but I don’t.
Some days later . . .

Well it is now Saturday night after Valentines Day!  I got some good advice from my psychiatrist about turning off my laptop two hours before bed and also taking my risperidone at 9 instead of when I am getting into bed.  Of course I didn’t do any of that today.

I was busy almost all day yesterday.  In the early afternoon I hung out with my friend Daniel and we got cupcakes, an hour later I ate both my cupcakes one after the other.  Then after five I went for dinner with my friend Shavonne and then we went to a movie and then we visited.  She told me what she has learned in her research about moving.  There are these things called Uhaul Pods that you fill with your stuff and then they drive it over and you unload it and voila!  And they are the cheapest option for moving stuff.  So I am likely doing that, I priced it out, my stuff would cost about 1500 to move.  I just have a bed and boxes.  And I am attached to my bed, I don’t want to buy a new one!

Then I was at home and my friend L sent me a text and we drove around for a couple hours after midnight just talking.  It was nice.

Today was quiet.  Mum and I ran around doing errands.  We had coffee with Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandma gave me her cherry ice cream. 

I snuggled with Little Mister this evening.  I combed him too, he has such long fur and it was getting smelly.  My cat showed up for pets too.  She’s sitting right beside this laptop in my bed as I type.

I didn’t get a valentine for Valentines Day, I sent one, but it was a low key kind of funny one because I knew this girl would like it, and I like her and always want to make her laugh because I am that kind of person.  She did like it and said thank you.

Sheesh, what else?  I looked up York on Grad Cafe which has people posting their rejections/acceptances/waitlistings for grad admissions and when and how.  In 2010 on March 17 someone got accepted into the production stream via phone.  That was three years ago, I have no idea when they will decide this year.  It could be totally different!  I haven’t checked through My File in a while, I guess I should, but there definitely won’t be a decision this early.

I also found out Oberhausen won’t publish their program for this year until April, which is only a month away from the festival.  So I don’t know when I will hear if I got in.  I hope I hear next month, because I will need to get my traveling shit together and stuff.  I have to renew my passport too, it’s up in June and countries don’t like letting people in if their passports aren’t good for at least six months.  So I have to do that. 

I have to save up money for moving too.  I realized I won’t need that much.  Just maybe 3000 to be safe.  Mom said we could drive there, but she doesn’t want to drive back alone.  Or we could fly I guess.  I have to move Mister and Beatrix too!  Poor little sods!  Beatrix is pretty attached to me, I am worried her peeing will make me have to give her away, but she really likes me.  Little Mister is mine forever!  I will never let him go!  I’m his forever home!  He loves me best out of anybody!

Anyway, blah blah blah!  I don’t have much else to report, and I think I want to cuddle my dog now. 

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