The Littlest Filmmaker

I got some really good news that I can’t talk about yet yesterday.  But know that I will FOR SURE be talking about it once I get the go ahead, don’t you fret!  It’s pretty exciting!

So now I have a shit ton of stuff I have to do.  I’m kind of glad, because my life was so up in the air for a while there.  And now I know I have some good things coming down the pipe.  One thing I CAN tell you about is I am doing a performance during Pride in Prince Albert this June.  I haven’t done performance art since 2006, just after my cousin died, so it will be interesting to have to do actions/talking in front of a live audience.  I am gonna have to be creative too, which is good, because I need to get my brain going again.  I have been in a lull ever since I finished Boi Oh Boi. 

I’m thinking of making work about addictions, especially within families, but I’m a little worried about my family getting offended.  It has to stew for a while.

I need to make a To Do list today.  And I need to do some paperwork this weekend, which is due on Monday.  Tonight I am going out to shoot some video of a band, I’m getting some pocket money for it, so I’m happy with that.  Next week I get paid, and almost all of it goes away into rent and stuff.  I’m behind on my cell bill.  I need about 200 bucks to pay it off, crappy lappy!

We looked at a virtual tour of the bachelor suites in York Grad residences, and I was pleased to note they did NOT have carpeted floors!  Because Little Mister + Carpet = Mess. 

I’m really optimistic today.  I’m feeling better about my career, for one thing.  I think going to school for screenwriting is a good idea, it’s not going to be a waste of time.  Of course, I still don’t know if I have been accepted yet.  I really want to get in.  I think my options would open up if I got out of Saskatchewan.  The Saskatchewan Party really doesn’t support film or television here.  And I heard BC is going in the same direction, which is appalling considering how strong the film industry is there and how much revenue it brings into the province.  These provinces are shooting themselves in the foot. 

I hope I don’t get to Ontario only to find they ditch support for film too!  That would suck.  I’d have to move on.  Like the Littlest Hobo, only not a dog.  The Littlest Filmmaker.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll wanna settle down.  Until tomorrow I’ll just keep moving on!

I need a shower.  I need to get my video gear together.  I need to do some stuff.  I’m in a tizzy!  I need supper too! 

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