Shantay You Stay Beatrix Kitty!

Sister (AKA Hermione my Mum’s wiener dog) made me laugh today!  I was handing Mum some crackers and philly cream cheese and she asked for the knife and when I handed it to her, Sister jumped back all appalled like I was threatening her!  Since then Mum has said I pulled a knife on Sister!  Poor Hermiones!

Dinner wasn’t started until 6:30 and it took two hours to cook.  I was crabby all evening until I finally got to eat.  It didn’t help that I had skipped lunch. 

Little Mister got a haircut a while ago and a bath and his toenails trimmed and he is looking sharp!  He’s being very sweet.

ALSO I have made my decision about Beatrix Kitty.  Shantay she stays!  I am going to take her with me if I move.  I’ve discovered that weirdo cat has crawled into my heart and made a home with me, so I don’t want to let her go.  She is pretty special, and she’s so sweet.  I wish she didn’t pee on towels, but as long as she’s not peeing on couches/beds/etc then it is okay.  I do still need to take her to the vet to get checked out.  I need to find out if she has a urinary tract infection.  What a drag!

I am going backwards in my crushes.  I have gone back THREE crushes!  I had that little weird couple of months or so where I was thinking a lot about Rheanne, and now I have gone back to the crush I had BEFORE Rheanne and I even got together in 2006.  It’s kind of ridiculous, and it’s not going to go anywhere and I’m not going to say anything about it to the crushee.  I don’t know why I am torturing myself.  She didn’t want me then either, it was totally unrequited.  And anyway, bah!  I have to just ignore this crazy blip of trying to find a girlfriend until my life has direction again and I know where I am going to live.  If I do move to Toronto then I DEFINITELY have to get over Rheanne because she never wants to leave Saskatoon, and if I don’t go to Toronto then I have to start getting out more and finding single women who are possibilities here. 

Whatever.  I have a career I am trying to manage too, in all of this.  I have such a weird career, it’s not getting me much money.  And so far Canadian funding agencies have not supported my attempts to move into dramatic feature filmmaking, or even dramatic longer form videos.  I’ve bitched about this before so I am not going to bitch again.  I’ll just say that I have been held back for about three years and it is pissing me off.  I had better find my floss and start flossing because I need the extra years added to my lifespan so I can make some movies, when I am finally accepted at the age of 40 or whatever.  Arg!  I hate the jury process sometimes.

I need a patron of the arts really, that would help.  Or to win the lottery.  Someone won 30 million yesterday, but they are in Ontario.  So it wasn’t me.  Sucks.

I can hear someone licking water.  I wonder if it is Beatrix Kitty.

Luke told us this very long story about his medications on Friday.  It gave me a headache.  He tells us things we don’t care about, and dominates the conversation and is generally a pain.  I wish he had better social skills, it feels kind of sad to be so annoyed by someone I was so close to as a child.

Also a friend died, I feel like he deserves more than to be in a rambly post, so I am doing to try and write a little something about him soon.

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