Someday that dog’s not gonna fit under the couch anymore

Dora’s going under and out of the couch over and over.  She has to squish herself down really low to do it.  She doesn’t have much longer that she will be able to squeeze under.

I am doing good, generally.  I am looking around on POF again, which seems to have more promise than OKC.  I am supposed to go on a walk with our dogs with this girl from POF.  I have to figure out when I will be free.  I might have to tell her to wait until next week. 

I have been hanging out with Mum a bunch.  I also did two shifts at the Jazzfest and it was awesome and also exhausting and I was offered another shift yesterday but I realized I can’t work a whole bunch of days in a row without burning out, so I declined.  Too bad, it’s more money.  Hmmm.

I bought myself some new sheets today.  They are 450 thread count! 😀  They’re a light colour, I’m taking a big risk because I am a heavy bleeder during my periods because of fibroids.  I’m gonna switch to my black sheets when it’s that time though.  We will see!  I’m also planning on buying a new Duvet cover.  There are Pantone Duvet covers at Home Outfitters and I really really want one. 

I am helping an old friend move classrooms on Friday, she is transferring from one school to another and she’s renting a truck and everything.  I asked for a banana split as payment, and ever since then every time I ask Mum for a banana split she tells me I have to wait until Friday, even if I use my own money! :O

I slept super late today, I was just exhausted!  I finally woke up around 1.  That’s LATE!  Oh well.  Mom was telling me I have to get up early and reset my internal clock by seeing the light.  That’s probably true.  I’m just lucky my meds let me get some sleep, some people with mental illnesses have the worst time sleeping.  I used to have bad sleep habits before I got properly medicated, I would sleep all day and be awake all night.  It was gross.  You miss so much because there’s nothing to do between 12am and 10am, really. 

Little Mister is spry as ever.  The other day he and Hermione were playing like silly puppies, they were super cute!

What else?  Ah I am tired of feeling like a loser.  There’s someone in my family who thinks people who don’t have permanent full time jobs are lazy and losers and she resents them because she works SO HARD (even though she keeps getting fired for calling in “sick” to work when she is hungover because she has addiction issues) and it just pisses me off.  And now that I am working five shifts she is surprised because she wrote me off like her sister as a lazy sod.  ARG!  FUCK YOU!  I hate that shit.  I don’t know why people think having a full time permanent job is the be all and end all of life.  There are other ways of living and getting by.  I don’t want to look back on my life and be like “Yeah, I did call centre work for twenty five years and here is my retirement package and I missed out on having an art career but at least I went to work every monday morning.” Fuck that!  I would rather look back on my life and see all the things I made that influenced people and the world.  Not fucking calling people for their dumb opinions on a toilet cleaner!

Some people are just shitheads.  If you want to waste your life working for the man be my guest!  I’d rather figure out a way to survive AND make important art AND travel to places for arty reasons, meeting interesting people and sometimes getting laid overseas.  I dunno, that is just me.  I just think people do things for ALL SORTS of reasons and I’m kind of sick of this one relative’s attitude and also how she invited me out then expects me to pay for her.  It’s an ongoing issue. 

People who don’t respect that people with serious disabilities have limitations and are working within them make me sick.  I want to puke all over their judgemental little faces and shit on their beds.  But that’s just me.  Seriously though, I’ve been running into people who bitch about me not working a full time job and they have no idea of ANYTHING about my life and why that would be the way it is.  Also being a full time artist is a lot of work, and it’s an often thankless job that doesn’t pay much.  I maybe make 3000 off my art in a good year.  So of course I need to rely on disability, and thank god it’s there!  Anyway, I am tired of justifying my existence in this blog entry so I am gonna hit publish and go to bed, and masturbate! 

Aw shit, that reminds me my vibrator ran out of electricity and I have to recharge it.  Crappy!

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