Work and an update on the piercing (spoiler: It is awesome!)

So I went in the hot tub tonight.  I’m a week shy of a full month with my piercing though, hope nothing funky happens.

I have my second last shift tomorrow at the Jazzfest, and then my very last one on Sunday.  So I’m looking forward to it.  I am gonna miss my sister’s birthday, but that is okay.  She will have Mom to spend time with.

I guess I should give an update on the piercing anyway, since my cousin inquired about it’s healing and since I did have a reason for getting it.  I got my hood pierced because in the past when I have had it pierced it made me more sensitive to stimuli.  And anyway, I have had a hard time reaching orgasm for the past year and it’s been pissing me off.  So I have been getting off recently and I must say it is working excellently!  I am having better and easier orgasms and actually getting over the edge again and it’s really sweet.  I’m looking forward to having sex with a partner again someday.

This is the first summer in a few years that I haven’t gone to Berlin.  I sort of miss it.  I really do love Berlin.  Tonight we were talking about our ongoing dream of winning the lottery, and I said if I did win I would go to Australia and New Zealand this winter.  It would be sweet.  I should get out of just going to Europe, there are other places to go. 

I did some research (I emailed a couple of people) and found out I can rent the event space with the green screen and some lights for a day from PAVED Arts for sixty bucks!  I also found a friend who can operate the camera for dinner and a couple of drinks! 🙂  So I roughly estimate it being about 85 bucks in total to make my next video.  Thank god I have an editing program and camera!  And tripod.  And microphone!  I guess I will also need a mic stand, that won’t be much money.

Thank goodness for artist run production centres!

I’m still feeling hopelessly single, but I am distracting myself and that has been really good.  Working this week helped a lot, it got me out of my head and put me in a different mindset.  I have to do a lot of addition and subtraction in my head as a cashier, so that’s been good too.  It’s pretty basic, everything comes out to an even number except for the odd elevens.  I’ve been pretty accurate on cashout too, except once.

Anyway, I have done three shifts and have two left, and the woman who hired me thanked me for being a solid worker in my shifts and not getting sick or dropping shifts or whatever.  That was nice, especially since when I was addicted and using way back when I was a shitty worker because I would rather get drunk/high than work, and it made for a lot of absenteeism unfortunately.  No more!  I would have to be pretty sick to not work now, especially since this is only five shifts and then it’s over.  Making money is pretty important to me.

There is a job I am thinking of applying for, it’s in theatre and I would be mentored in directing.  I’m really considering it.  It’s for nearly the length of a school year too, and it would be nice to get some experience working with actors.  Anyway, yeah, the application isn’t due until August 2nd so I have some time to think and get my shit together.  It would start in September. 

I have been really wanting to get into doing some television writing.  I went to McNally Robinson today and looked in the screenwriting section, I was hoping to find a nice thick bible of rules for writing in a television format.  Like “after four pages leave a moment for the commercials” or something.  But I couldn’t find anything.  In fact, the screenwriting section was so small, not even a whole shelf.  I want to write a couple of television series pilots and see if I can get them produced.  I have a couple of people in mind to approach to talk about being my producer, maybe next month I will set up some coffee dates to pitch my ideas to them and see if they have any ideas of what I could do or if they know someone else who could help me.  I used to be really snotty and all “I’m only gonna make feature films and television is garbage!” but I have realized that isn’t true and that in fact there is a whole different way of telling a story in television that might be more advantageous for at least a couple of my plot ideas. 

So I’m going to try and get some money to write a couple of pilots and also apply for grants to make my more arty stuff and possibly also be mentored in directing so that I can direct a few of the episodes of my hit series!  And also go write and direct some features.

I think I will be busy when I am in my forties and fifties.  I don’t know if I will make any tv or features in my thirties.  But who knows?

What else?  I think that is all for now.

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