I did it!

I did it!  I finished all five scheduled shifts!  I even got my cashout PERFECT today!  I didn’t end up with even a dollar more or less than what was recorded on the till tape!  I’m so glad it is over and I have my freedom again!  But I am also glad that I gave myself a little work challenge and I did it and I didn’t drop any shifts or get sick or anything!  I stuck to what I had scheduled and I did my job as well as I could considering it was the first time I had ever used a register or been a cashier!  I did have cash handling experience from other jobs, but those were really laid back kinds of experiences, not a constant flow of people making transactions.  And I even used a debit machine!

I’m exhausted.  I’m relieved it’s done.  Tomorrow I am going to do something fun like bake muffins or something.  I get paid this week and then I have to carefully decide how I am going to use it.  I think I will get my Industrial, because I really really want it.  It will hurt and make me unhappy but it will also look so sexy that it will be worth it.

I can hear Hermione having breathing troubles.  The dogs do this thing where they have like, an asthma attack.  Hermione usually gets one at the beginning of her walk, because she is so excited.  It’s weird.

What else? I’m tired.  I should probably just go to sleep.  Dora the corgi has settled down for the night and isn’t chewing on me with her needle puppy teeth.  Yay!  She attacks me every night at bedtime.  Mom asked how I put her to bed, it’s really just being patient and exhausting her until she turns into a cutie again and sleeps.  Aw!  She’s adorable.

Ok!  Good night!

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