Clean and Beautiful

I got a call today.  It was to set up an interview for tomorrow for that job I want as an artist in residence!  I’m so excited!  It’s such a different type of job that I’m really not sure how to prepare for it.  I am going to aim for clean and beautiful with nice clothes.  It’s at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.  I have to get up early and eat something so I don’t faint from hunger.  I have to wash my face and brush and floss my teeth and get my hair looking decent.  I had a shower tonight so I will probably be okay for tomorrow.  I haven’t had a job interview since the SaskEnergy interview this last winter.  It will be good for me.

Plus this job/residence would be good for me because I will get mentored in directing and stuff.  It will help me grow as a professional and give me some learnings I can apply in my career as a budding director.  Maybe people will be more inclined to give me chances to direct actors in my films.  That is the direction I want to go in, which would be super sweet.

So that’s what’s going on!

My Auntie Beth is in town and we are hanging out.  It’s really nice, I like having conversations with her because she is a writer and you can tell in how she tells stories from her day or her past or things she has heard. 

I saw my grandparents today.  We brought them cheezies and chocolate and tiny bottles of water and stuff, Grandma said “I love you!” when she saw them.  It was cute.  I’m lucky to have my grandparents in my life.  They have been very involved in my life since I was tiny. 

What else?  I dunno.  I saw another cousin today.  That was nice.  I played with the dogs like I do every day.  Oh!  I talked to one of my best friends, Robin, today!  We had a really good conversation, talked about stuff I don’t write about here.  Good and bad.  I am hoping our paths cross real soon, I have missed that girl!  I met her in 2002 and got a giant crush on her and since then it has evolved in true lesbian fashion into this friendly close friendship.  The kind of friendship where you tell each other you love each other.  I have only had that type of friend a few times, but it always means a lot.  Margaret and I say that to each other too, but I haven’t talked to her in a while.  I should, I miss that girl too! She has a mini me now, a little boy who’s as much of a weirdo as she is.  She’s so lucky! 

I could go on and on about friends I love who live far away!  I have a number of them! 

Dora is getting better every day!  Today she wasn’t so nippy.  And tomorrow she will be even less nippy.  She’s starting to stop trying to eat my fingers when I type in bed, which is nice. 

Little Mister is a lesbian’s dog who doesn’t like men!

I’m really just writing here to get everything out so I can calm down and go to sleep and get up early tomorrow.  It’s all exciting! 😀 

I’m projecting onto one of my exes and it’s really bad.  I can’t possibly know what is going on in her head but I am making up all this stuff based on goofy signs and I have to just let it go and move on without fretting.  I guess part of me still wants to be good friends with her, but I have a feeling she currently has issues with me and that’s what I’m projecting because she might just be having a crappy time independent of me. 

And I might like someone new, but I am not sure, and I am still cultivating the art of doing nothing so I am just getting to know people without expectations.  But it’s a nice feeling, to have one’s interest piqued.  It helps you feel alive.

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