Falling stars

For the second year in a row I have seen more meteors than my Mum!  I just beat her by one meteor though, 7-6.  We sat for an hour under the stars on our deck, and ate popcorn and I drank a pop and she had a beer and we chatted about space and girls and all kinds of things.  It was really nice.  The dogs had fun out there too, Mister went mouse hunting but then came back to sit on my lap for a while.  They also had popcorn.  We saw a big light in the sky and were hoping it was the International Space Station, but it turned out to be a plane.  Disappointing! 

I like watching the meteor shower with Mom.  It’s so relaxing.  There are lots of little things moving through the sky, all kinds of satellites zipping by in all directions. 

Today we finally cleaned out my old office.  I now have my bookshelf and all my books moved upstairs into my room.  I think once I get them put away my room might finally be complete.  I haven’t been much of a reader the past year or so.  I think it’s because my books aren’t handy, or weren’t handy. 

Mom and I talked about my career.  She was asking what the psychic said about it, and I told her she had said I needed to let go of thinking I couldn’t make a film without paying actors, because it’s alright to give them some footage of themselves working as payment.  It’s true, I feel like actors should be paid, but at the same time no one wants to give me funding so I can pay them.  So basically I am gonna have to find volunteer actors.  And it’s been a stumbling block.  She also told me I would live a comfortable life, but I really hope that doesn’t mean I’m going to live with Mom forever!

I told Mom that outer space smells like seared steak!  That’s what I read somewhere, bizarre!

I got an email a while ago that I am going to be called in for a job interview.  I am waiting, I heard the person who emailed me went on vacation last week though, which was the first week after the closing date for the job.  So hopefully this week I hear?  I hope so!

We got some disturbing news about our neighbors.  I can’t even talk about it, but it’s disturbing.  It’s made me a bit creeped out.  Someone has to report them, so that’s happening tomorrow.  They’ve always given me a bad vibe, there is something up with them.

I’m tired.  I should go to sleep.  Dora is not allowed on my bed tonight because she was being a brat, so she went somewhere else to sleep.  Little Mister brought me a bird today.  I threw it away, we don’t know if he killed it or found it but I think he found it.  It was little and had greenish feathers. 

What else?  Oh I don’t know.  I was busy today.  It was sort of nice to be busy, and to visit my cousin who I haven’t seen in a while.  Sometimes cleaning feels good.  It’s nice to look at something and see it progress.

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