Facebooking you all to hell!

Sometimes when I get in a writing mood, I write voluminous facebook statuses.  Well, I mean, not A LOT A LOT!  But more than usual, and then I worry that I am driving people nuts and I realize I want to write a LONG blog and not short little microblogs like statuses.

Anyway, I guess I can tell you my good news!  I am going to Toronto next month for ImagineNATIVE!  Sight is screening there so I am going and seeing friends and after ImagineNATIVE I am screening a bunch of my videos for the 2 Spirit Skillshare and Regent Park Film Festival’s screening, artist talk, and reception of my work! 😀  Yippee!  And if I can, I might take a couple days to go to Montreal and toodle about visiting friends.  I haven’t been in years and years!

Also I found out today that Sight is screening at MIXNYC in November, and that I will be on CFCR on Sunday blabbing about my films.  So that’s all really nice.

I hope I win for best experimental at ImagineNATIVE, 1000 bucks would help me out majorly!  But I’m not going to get my hopes up too much.

When I was a nerdling, I had dreams of winning the Science Fair.  I never did.  My projects were too arty not enough sciencey.  It always crushed me.  And schools I went to didn’t place much emphasis on Art as a viable skill which should be encouraged, so there was never like, an Art Fair.  I couldn’t crush my classmates with my mighty arty hand!  So unfair!

It was kind of cool when I was getting requests from all over the world for my first tape, Lessons In Baby Dyke Theory.  Mom answered the phone one day and this lesbian in Berlin was calling to get me to send a copy to their Lesbian Film Festival.  But my classmates didn’t care about my hot property video doing the festival circuit.  They were too busy popping pimples and trying to get laid.  No, I really don’t know, everyone had different motivations during high school.  I’m sure some were just trying to survive.  But Aden Bowman wasn’t a hostile environment, at least not to my knowledge. Not to me anyway.

It’s really late and I should sleep.  It’s the weekend yo!  We got the car back today and it looks SUPER nice, all cleaned and fixed and spiffy!  It’s way better to drive than that sucky Cobalt loaner we had.  I love our car! Mom’s car.  But she lets me drive it almost anytime I want to, which is nice!

What else?  Oh, I have writing to do this week for money for arty things, grants and pitches and that kind of thing.  I have two projects I am trying to get cash for.  Eeeeeee!  Hopefully they both come through and I can be busy all next year making films.

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