Breaking away from Facebook

Today, purely by chance, I was barely on Facebook.  I went on for a little bit later in the day, just skimming over the feed.  But in the morning I read my notifications and then went on with life.  What did I do?  I drove Mum to work, and then I watched two episodes of Orange is the New Black, then I went and picked her up and we went to a terrible Italian restaurant with my gift certificate and got not very great food.  And then we came home and I went on a bus ride and listened to music and then came home and watched the last two episodes of Orange Is The New Black and then I went on Facebook a little bit.  And that was that.  There is life outside of facebook!

I talked about it with Mom at dinner, and how nice it felt to not be on Facebook.  It was kind of freeing, it put me in a much more peaceful frame of mind.  Because to be honest, sometimes things people post on there piss me off.  And it really depends on the day, but like, pictures of animal abuse, or exploded children, or like fucked up shit like that.  Or triggering pictures of weed which make me remember my old friend/foe of addiction.  Or just being ignorant and making me think less of my friends and/or the company they keep.  Sometimes I want to tell friends “Man, the company you keep SUCKS!  You need better filters for who you let in!”  But I mean, it’s really not my place to say that.  And plus I am sure they could say the same about some of my more unsavory friends.

ANYWAY, it was nice to have a long period of time away from Facebook, because I am normally on it so much.  I felt like, in control, and peaceful.  And engaged with a different part of the world.  I want to watch more shows on Netflix, I think seeing more movies and television series would help my creative process.  Like how writers need to read lots.  Keeping up.  It’s nice to watch a well crafted program.  And it gives me ideas.  And that is more useful than reading someone’s drunken rant from the night before, I guess.  I feel like I get caught up in petty shit when I am reading too much Facebook.  So I am going to put limits around my use, kind of wean myself off it but not get off it completely.  Because it does still serve a purpose. 

Oh man, I have to do a grant by the end of the month!  TWO GRANTS!  It’s scary!  I need to get that shit together!  If I don’t get a grant in January I am going to apply for another grant in March from Canada Council.  I have to think of a good project for that though.  Tomorrow is Concurrent Disorders again already!  I might go to both parts of the group.  I might have the stamina to pay attention for two hours!  Tomorrow we are learning about the Transtheoretical Model of Change apparently.  Who knows what that could be about!?  I’ll see what I feel like when I wake up.

I didn’t meet anyone in the last two weeks.  My horoscope gave me false hope!  I really thought I would meet someone but the only person who piqued my interest, I just stared at and looked away and never even said hi to!  Sad. 

I’m getting tired.  Dora the corgi chased the mailman yesterday.  She ran straight out the door and over to the next yard and circled him wiggling her little bum in sheer delight.  None of our other dogs have ever caught The Mailman.  She’s going down in doggy history!  Little brat!  I threw her into the backyard when I checked the mail today.  Goofball! 

I have some decisions to make regarding my company, and I am fairly close to deciding to dissolve it.  I have to pay 185 bucks to get it back on the corporate registry, and I don’t have the money and I also don’t think it’s worth it.  So I might not do it and ask for my 80 bucks back.  I would have to figure out what to do with the website too.  I don’t know, I am really torn.  I need to carefully consider my next moves.  I think dissolving the company might be for the best, because I am not using it and it is just a pain.  Sigh.

I don’t know what to do about my gst number either.  Do I have to get rid of it??  I’m confused.  I should talk to someone about this.

What else?  There are things I want to do more of:
Visiting my friends
Calling my long distance friends
Watching tv series and movies
Going for walks
Exercising at the gym

Basically I just want to be overall doing more things.  OH!  Also doing private journalling.  I feel like I could get some personal stuff out of my head if I wrote it down.  I need to do that more.

Well, I guess it is bedtime!

I hope tomorrow is a good day.  I didn’t shower today and I feel gross, I can’t shower now because it is too late!

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