I have tried to write this post three times and I always get too tired and end up going to sleep!  So, basically, what is going on is this: I got into the pitch competition at ImagineNATIVE.  I have to make a one minute trailer and a four minute pitch.  Then I fly to Toronto on Tuesday, get settled.  On Wednesday I go to a six hour pitching workshop and then that night meet up with friends for the Lesbian Haunted House thing.  Then on Thursday is my screening, and Friday is the day I pitch!  I have Saturday off and then Sunday I am going to the awards thingy and find out if I win anything!  IF I do win the pitch competition I get $5000 from APTN, a $2000 certificate from William F. White, a $500 certificate from Technicolor Toronto, a contact at the NFB to talk to about my project, and an ImagineNATIVE backed Kickstarter page to raise more money for my film.  Big smiley face here!  And only four projects got picked for the Drama pitch competition (there is also a documentary pitch competition) so just going by the odds I have a one in four chance of getting the prize, which is pretty decent!

I have to do some taping tomorrow and some editing and then I will get my trailer done.  My pitch thus far is in maybe draft number two.  I’m gonna work on it a bit more.  I read a book about pitching written by a Brit and I have been reading internet articles about it too. 

What else?  Oh, because I am showing a film at ImagineNATIVE I could also possibly win an award for best experimental film.  I hope hope hope I do because then I could get my dog’s teeth done, he needs them cleaned before they get too far gone. 

I’m really tired now, so I should go to bed.  I will also say that I have the chance to see a bunch of friends in Toronto who I haven’t seen in ages, and I am super excited about that!  Robin!  Louis!  Margaret!  Maybe Shavonne!  We’ll see!  I’m so stoked! 

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