So Toronto was super fun!  I learned how to pitch and I think I did a pretty good job, even though I didn’t actually win in the end.  I saw some really good films, stand outs include Rhymes for Young Ghouls and a short from Australia called Abalone.  But there were more good ones than just those two.

I saw a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in years, including Louis, Ariel, and Robin!  It was so nice to spend time with them.  Robin and I went out on walking adventures around Toronto and she showed me some neat places including a farm and OCAD which looks like a box suspended on pencil crayons.  I also spent my last day with my cousin Theresa and her dogs Peanut and Porkchop, and we walked around Ryerson where I am thinking of applying for an MA in Media Production.

Louis took me on a shopping trip to Come As You Are where I fussed around and ended up buying a Vixskin dildo named Buck!  I didn’t get to try Buck until last night, but it was super good, although I was already half asleep when I was trying to do myself so I ended up giving up.  BUT even though it’s easily my thickest dildo it did manage to fit!  I am going to try again when I am less sick and less sleepy and more turned on.

Which reminds me, I had the worst thing happen to me while I was in Toronto which was that I got a horrible head cold and turned into a mucusy coughy mess.  Travelling with an illness is terrible.  I think I am finally over it, but for at least half of my trip I was feeling generally gross.  I may have given it to Robin too.  Actually I noticed a LOT of people on my FB were battling colds as well, so who knows where it started.  I could have gotten it in Saskatoon and brought it out east.

I also had a screening last tuesday with the 2 Spirit Skillshare and it was really nice, they asked some awesome questions and I was mostly able to give good answers.

My screening at ImagineNATIVE also went well, people really responded and when I was walking around after people kept stopping me to talk about it.

What else?  Hmmm.  Funny little crushes popped up (okay just one) and it was a little awkward but okay and I think just reiterates that this person is pretty awesome to have in my life as a friend.  So that was nice.

I really missed Little Mister.  He is a grounding presence in my life so it always feels a little weird when he and I aren’t together.  And he is gonna be a geriatric dog next year, so I have to start getting used to the idea that he won’t always be around.  BUT he is still a fairly rough and tumble sturdy little guy in super good health except for his teeth, so I think he’s got a few more years in him yet.

In sadder news, Mom took Baby Dora the Corgi back to the breeder because Dora and Hermione, Mom’s wiener dog, weren’t getting along and they were getting into very violent fights and Mom was worried Hermione would get hurt.  So no more Dora.  Now Mom is waiting a while and then getting another mini dachshund, who won’t get bigger than Hermione.  I hope Dora finds a good home, and I miss her already.  She was a sweetie.

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