I Won The Lottery! :D

My Mom took me to the store to get my bus pass, and I went to check the lotto max ticket we bought.  I didn’t have high hopes, I was like “Oh whatever, we’re gonna win nothing like usual!”  But no!  When the ticket checker bleeped it said “$130.70 winner”!!! Ooooooh!  I was amazed, so I signed the ticket and took it to the cash register and the guy validated it and gave me my money and then he said “It’s funny, someone else was in here today and they also won $130.70!”

So my Mom and I have agreed for a long time that we would split lottery winnings, so I am getting 65 bucks and she gets 65 bucks and it’s all very sweet!  What surprised me was how many numbers we had to get right to win 130 bucks.  Five out of seven numbers!  That’s a lot!

I am buying a new Diva Cup with my winnings.  And having some spending money.  Last month was a year with my Diva Cup and I am apparently supposed to get a new one once a year has ended.  It’s about time, mine is getting old looking.

Ooooh, I also ordered a new strap on harness that can handle my size, but I did that before I won anything.  It’s going to arrive on the 6th supposedly.  I doubt I will get a chance to use it anytime soon, BUT I am following the boy scouts motto of Be Prepared! 😀 

Be Prepared for Lesbian Penetration!

Last night I went out with my two friends Daniel and Aaron to the gay bar, Diva’s, for some silliness.  AND I think I got cruised by this cute woman with striking eyes, I didn’t know what to do so I just kept going.  BUT now I am wondering if that woman is the same woman I saw by the Library a couple months ago?  What if I just keep walking past my future girlfriend?  Maybe one of these days I will smarten up and learn the fine art of cruising AND getting numbers from sexy ladies!

On Friday my friend Kristen and I bleached and dyed bits of our hair pink.  She did sort of highlights for me, so it’s a little different than a solid chunk of pink.  I think I want it more magenta-ey though!  I am looking awfully cute!

I had this general expectation that when I hit my thirties I would start having lots of sex, but it hasn’t happened.  I think I had that expectation when I hit my twenties too.  And I sort of did have lots of sex but also if I was compared to other people my age I would have been woefully undersexed.  I actually only had a decent amount of sex for maybe three years and then I was celibate for a long time.

I hope my forties look better!  Maybe I will be more confident by then, able to go up to strange women without needing an introduction.  “Why hello!”  Ha ha ha ha!

I’m on this new med that is making me sleep in SUPER hardcore, and also makes me talk in my sleep in great mumbly noises.  Today I woke up at 2pm going “Mmmmnnn, mmmmmnnn, mmmmmmmnn!”  Jeepers!

I’m trying to come up with a plan to move to Toronto in the middle of 2014.  So far I have ascertained that I need $3000, ideally $5000, to cover moving and living for two months.  I’m not sure what I can do.  I applied for an SAB grant, but I haven’t gotten results until January, ALSO the money from it will mostly pay for my videos and only $6000 will go to me!  BUT if I can finagle it that would be enough to move.  I’m also going to apply for a Canada Council grant next spring, which I would find out about in August. 

Aside from that my next options are to get a job or crowdfunding.  I’m not entirely sure what to do.  I need a patron.  I need to win more lottery money.  Or a prize for being a good deed doer!

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