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I’ve decided I MUST LEAVE SASKATOON if I ever hope to get laid by a girl again.  So I am going to save up $5000 and move the hell away from here!  Which means I need a job.

The problem is Saskatoon is a fucking racist city and I have a really obviously First Nations last name.  So I have been applying for jobs for a while and I only got one interview back in 2012.  And I didn’t get the job.  It’s pretty frustrating.  I applied for another job with my old employer, in a different department, after 4 years of not working for them, I’m a little dubious I will get called in, BUT I am also super qualified for it. 

Anyway, besides that my options are getting major grants and getting into grad school and stuff. 

In other news.  In other news Little Mister has proven that there is a mouse in the house, tonight he sat in front of the fireplace where he was SURE it was, just looking.  Looking and looking.  Staking it out.  He’s a little obsessed.  They must taste SUPER good!

I’m trying a new med, Nortriptyline.  So far it made me sleepy, but not as sleepy as Amyltriptyline.  Which was making me sleep in until 2pm.  But the good news is my panic attack thingy has died down, so it is working for what it is supposed to do!  Meds meds meds!  Which are good?  Which are bad?

I’ve decided when I move to Toronto I’m gonna try and get jobs as a closed captioner and the voice behind Descriptive Video for the Blind!  Accessibility jobs! 😀  Making the world a more understandable place for all sorts of people!  Plus I just think I would be good at those things.

I am gonna miss my Mom a lot when I leave though.  And my Grandparents.  I wish I could bring them with me.  I will have to get Grandpa a skype account.

What else?  Ahhhh, not really anything.  If you know of any non-racist jobs in Saskatoon let me know!

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