Bus Rides to Nowhere

Over the last few years I’ve become a recreational bus rider.  As in one of those people who gets on the bus and doesn’t get off until it comes back to the stop where I got on originally.  There are a few of us and we can all recognize each other.  Some talk to the bus driver the whole time.  Some don’t.  I am not a chatty rider.  I like listening to my tunes and looking out the window.  It’s better to do it in the day when things are well lit by the sun.  I think about things and sometimes I look at facebook on my phone.  More rarely I will look at my tumblr, but I often don’t because my dashboard has sprinklings of explicit pornography on it.

I make playlists on my phone for songs I listen to while riding the bus.  Usually they are based on whatever I have been thinking about a lot at the time.  Like if I am thinking of making romantic gestures towards someone, I will fill my playlist with love songs.  But I’m a pessimist so I also throw on depressing rejected by love songs on it just in case I have to be depressed on the way home from doing something.

I can ride the bus for an hour.  Then I usually have to go to the bathroom, so I rarely go on bus loops that take more than an hour.  It’s getting boring though, the route usually stays the same, except for minor deviations when like, a water main is being fixed and we have to go around the block. 

I used to worry that the bus driver would be all “Why are you staying on this bus???”  But none of them ever have. 

I made a Sigil today, I’m not sure I did it right, but it shouldn’t hurt.  I had a really hard time deciding what I was going to do it on, becoming wealthy or getting love.  I ended up going for the whole Lurve thing.  Since I can always do a Sigil for wealth later.  The directions I read were to burn it after charging it and forget about it.  I’ve read elsewhere that you should keep it around until it works.  I burnt it, I guess we’ll discover if that is the right thing to do or not soonish.  Tomorrow night I am going out to the gay bar to try and meet women, not sure if that is a good place, but it’s better than staying home.

It could take a while.  They say they always work.  I guess we will see.

I am seeing my optometrist next week and getting new glasses.  Apparently I haven’t seen him in four years, which is a long damn time!  I am also seeing my GP, to get blood tests and ask about those dizzy spells which ended anyway, AND to get a referral to a gynecologist to talk to them about getting an ablation.  I am really tired of bleeding so much.  And I want to avoid having a hysterectomy.  I should do some research.  I don’t want birth control though because it makes me not horny, and I hate that.

The new med I am on can reduce horniness.  It’s so funny that I have ended up monitoring my libido.  Like, if it goes up or down.  Life sort of loses it’s spark when it is down.  I like having erotic daydreams skipping through my mind at some point in the day.  And just having the general drive to get it on with somebody.

My crushes aren’t doing anything at the moment, so I need a new crush.  I hate this town!  I feel like I’d already have a crush if I had moved to Toronto in September.  There just really aren’t a lot of people here that I click with.

I am going back to the gym.  I need to get my leisure pass, I tried to get the green form from the bus people when I renewed my cheapo subsidized bus pass, but they just printed out this bullshit receipt that didn’t even say Saskatoon Transit on it!  I am going back tomorrow to shake my old man fist and demand my green form, because the leisure centres won’t give me my pass unless I have it.  And I need it, because I’m getting puffed out when I move around too much and it’s not good.  I don’t care if I stay fat, because I like my curves, but I’d prefer some stamina for future fucking. 

Little Mister is doing good.  He trapped a mouse in the vacuum cleaner hose and Mom turned it on to prove there was no mouse and sucked it up and then we ran it out to a farm just by the city and let it go.  It seemed fine.  Mom was glad we didn’t have to kill the mouse.  She had named him Stuart.

I should go to bed!  I have things to do tomorrow and I’ve been up all night cruising down my tumblr dash.  Little Mister is already snoozing!  I love him!

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