I got my leisurecard but I haven’t used it yet.  Mom qualifies for a free leisurecard too so she is applying for one and then we are gonna work out together!

I had a dream about rattlesnakes last night, and handling rattlesnakes, and that there were all these snakes in the backyard and most were good but some had rattles.  Also that my friend Laurel and I went to Berlin and she was driving and we nearly drove into this weird flooded area that had brown water and all these people stuck in it and I got her to turn the wheel to head down a different street. 

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  It will be basic, I might get blood tests to check for various things. 

I for some reason thought tomorrow was friday, but it isn’t.  I mean, I guess it is because I’m writing this after midnight so technically it is already Thursday.

Boring.  I really have nothing of note to report.  No new crushes, nothing.  No money.  I get paid tomorrow from SAID, which is good.  We’re gonna go to the Casino with my twenty bucks and ten free slot play bucks.  Try and win something.  Watch entertaining animated animals bounce around anyway.

I’m coming up to my first year anniversary of quitting smoking.  I’ve never gone this long, so it’s pretty special.  I’m trying to hang on to my smobriety, which is hard because when I smell it it still smells good.  I’ll be okay, I keep reading motivational stories, it helps.

I’m thinking of going to concurrent disorders this friday for a check in.  I think I will just go to the education part.  Who knows. 

God I am tired of being single.  BUT that doesn’t mean I’m desperate or that I am gonna pick just anybody to be my Next Girlfriend.  Because I still want to fall in love and I don’t want to fall into some bullshit where I’m annoyed half the time and all my friends hate her!  And I think I am gonna quit having sex right off the bat, because I am one of those people who gets all emotionally attached when sex happens and it blinds me to faults the woman has that are going to keep us from actually having a good relationship.  Or to the fact that maybe the sex really is just gonna be casual and that they don’t really like me that much.  Because that sucks too! 

In fact, I think I am just gonna swear off having a girlfriend until I move away from this suckass town!  Cause otherwise that bullshit’s gonna happen where I decide to stay for her and then she dumps my ass anyway and then I missed my chance to leave. 


Little Mister and I are fine with just each other. 

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