New Years Eve!

It’s gonna be a new year soon!  I am having a Not Very Exciting New Year’s Eve.  I think I’m gonna finish my laundry, wash my bedroom floor, ummmmmm.  We’re setting off fireworks at 7:30, then I am driving my friends to their event at 8 or 9.  Back home we’re gonna play board games and have the fireplace on.  Nice and cozy.

I’ve had a good year.  It had ups and downs, but it ended on a good note, getting my grant.

Ha ha, I got bored writing and just buggered off.  Guess I will finish now.

It’s a little over half an hour to midnight.  We set off fireworks and some bitchy neighbour threatened to call the cops, and we were like “Go ahead.”  Cause legally you are allowed to set them off on private property in the city limits on New Years Eve, Victoria Day, Canada Day, and Labour Day.  They were good fireworks but she was kind of a downer. 

I finished cleaning my room and washing the floor, and I did my laundry.  I have all clean clothes and clean sheets and stuff.  I dyed my hair again to refresh my pink.  We had a lackluster supper of chicken strips and french fries, because there is a four year old with a limited palate staying with us.  Everything you say to him about food he says “Yuck!”  He eats very little besides a few things.  And he’s super screamy.  Not even screamy, shrieky!  And squeally!  If something goes the slightest bit awry he starts squealling and complaining.

Little Mister has anxiety because this kid is staying with us.  He’s been following me around all day, getting under foot and always asking me to lift him up so he can snooze next to me.  He’s very sweet, but I feel badly that he doesn’t feel safe enough to just lay on his cushion in the kitchen, which is his favorite bed.  I guess it’s for the best.  Poor dude.  Maybe when the kid gets older and more mature Little Mister will be able to just relax.  Even now, the kid is asleep downstairs, and Little Mister is next to me in my chair.

Yesterday was awful.  I forgot to pick up my medications the day before from the pharmacy, so I was ALL OUT of meds.  I couldn’t sleep.  It was horrible.  I tossed and turned until 5:30am and then I gave up and got up and puttered around.  I stayed awake until midnight last night.  I got my meds so I am fine now, but sleep deprivation made me have a really short fuse.  And the kid was just talking the whole time, blah blah blah blah blah.  I didn’t yell at him but I got really frustrated, then my friend invited me out for dinner and a movie, so we went out.

The movie was the highly anticipated Blue Is The Warmest Colour.  It was three hours long.  The sex scenes made us laugh and my friend said “Shamay!” because they went on “fucking” for ten minutes and it was totally ridiculous.  Shamay is Saulteaux for “getting worse!”  The protagonist was completely unlikeable, played with her hair all the time, had terrible hair besides which needed a hairbrushing, ate with her mouth open, slept with her mouth open, and there was some weird motif of spaghetti dinners.  The only good part (spoiler) was when she finally got dumped by the lesbian, because she was so unlikeable and was a closeted cowardly whiney weasel.  I was like “GOOD! DUMP THAT BITCH!”  And then the movie kept going!  OH!  And there were these pretentious moments where characters talked to each other about ideas, like philosophy, and it was such a pile of crap.  And the lesbian was an artist and she painted and representations of artists are often bullshit, which it was.  Like when she talked about her paintings she talked about really surface stuff, like colour and lines, and I find artists usually talk about ideas and politics involved in their work.  SO it was just an awful movie all around.  Two thumbs way way down!

I’m done ranting now. 

I was a cabbie for about an hour.  Most of it I was waiting at my friend’s house for her and our other friend to get ready.  Then we started going to their destination, when my friend couldn’t find her id.  We went to a gas station to see if she left it there, then we had to go to her house so she could get her spare id.  Finally I dropped them off and came home, but on the way Mom called (I didn’t answer because I was driving) because she was wondering if I had decided to go out after all.

Anyway, that’s what’s been up.  I should go get my laundry.  Happy New Year all my beautiful blog readers!  I will keep writing!

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