Dentistry for Dogs

Little Mister went to the vet this morning, he got his teeth done.  They cleaned them and did a few extractions, one molar and some incisors which are the tiny front teeth.  I picked him up just after four, he was happy to see me, but when he got home he was mostly laying around with moist eyes like he was gonna burst into tears.  Poor little guy.  He’s on soft food for the next couple of weeks, and he’s got painkillers for the next three days and antibiotics for the next week, in addition to the last week of antibiotics.  He had a bandage from his IV fluids, I took it off tonight though because it was bugging him and he wasn’t bleeding anymore anyway.  The vet tech showed me his little teeth in a steel bowl, poor guy.  They said one just fell out because it was so bad.

I wish I had gotten his teeth done sooner, but I had to wait until I had money.  Sucks.

He was so groggy when we picked him up that I cancelled his grooming appointment until next week.  He also has another appointment to see the vet next week to check on how his gums are doing.

I hope he recovers soon.  They say dental work in senior dogs can really perk them up in the end.  Apparently it slows them down when they have that bacteria going around their bloodstream. 

He was such a sad guy before though, he was having trouble eating because his teeth hurt him.  Poor little guy! 

I’m glad he’s going to be able to enjoy life again.  I’m going to start brushing his teeth when he’s healed up.  Hopefully he’ll be able to eat hard food again.  Especially since my guilt over his bad teeth has lead me to buy him canned dog food that costs four bucks a can!  He’s getting some super gourmet shit! 

He got soft cheese for his snack tonight, I usually give him a cookie, but I thought he would appreciate something softer. 

In other news, I can’t talk too much about what is going on with my Grandma, but it looks like there will be a death in the family in the not too distant future.  I am spending more time with her, and we are trying to make sure she is comfortable.  She’s happy now that she knows we aren’t letting her get any more tests.  The doctors want to do this really invasive test on her, but we found out another elderly person died of shock getting that test, so we have not consented for her to get it.  I can’t really say much else, because I am keeping this business of dying to myself and her close family members.  But I am hoping she has a very peaceful end.  If she goes in her sleep that would be the best. She’s gotten so old and frail, and she is not having a very good quality of life.  So as hard as it is to say goodbye to my Grandma, I also am feeling better that she will finally pass away in the not too distant future.  I think it really hasn’t hit me yet, and I will probably be extremely sad when she does die.  Grief is a weird thing.  I might write more about it in another post, this one was mostly about Mister’s teeth, but I feel like I should be sort of open about what is going on in my life.

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