Perked up

This morning Little Mister was VERY SAD!  He was walking around crying, I gave him his painkiller and antibiotic and after about an hour he was much happier.  Later today he was wagging his tail and being generally happy.  His teeth look so nice, whiter, brighter, and he has really nice breath.  He had such stinky breath before his teeth got done!  It’s amazing how different it is!

We got Grandma new clothes from The Bay.  Two sweaters and two pants.  She liked them.

When we were at the Bay I was standing by the MAC counter and ended up buying Ruby Woo.  It’s kind of funny, because the last time I got lipstick was when I was fourteen, and it lasted ten years.  So I anticipate this one will last just as long, since I hardly wear it.

I don’t really have good lips for lipstick.  My top lip is so thin.  I have Grandma’s lips.  Maybe I should get injections.  No, never mind, that’s not a good idea.

I’m waiting for my cheque to arrive, also I have started doing research for simulating weightlessness.  I originally wasn’t gonna do weightlessness in my film, but if I can come up with a simple solution I might revisit it.  I was reading about how they did the weightlessness on Big Bang Theory.  They were supported from a platform below and also the actors mimicked microgravity.

Think think think.

Being strapped in also makes things easier.

Tiny Hermione insisted on sleeping with me tonight, we were trying to get her to go sleep with Mom, but instead she made a bed in my room until I let her come onto my bed.  Poor Mum, I hope she doesn’t feel rejected.

I’m tired, I got up early to give Little Mister his medicine.  I should get to sleep so I can wake up and do it again tomorrow.  Also I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon. 

I’m also waiting for my transcript to come from ECUAD.  I need to scan it and upload it to Ryerson to finish my application.  It’s making me antsy.  Yikes!

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